Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jeter Passes Sultan of Swat

New York Yankees' Short Stop


(2008 ~ Baltimore)

moved passed
into the 39th place on the

The hit was Derek Jeter's 2874th career hit;
All as a Yankee.

From this point Derek Jeter needs
126 more hits to achieve his
3000th career hit.

Anytime any player does anything to pass Babe Ruth for doing anything...THAT must be applauded. Pretty ironic for all Ruth accomplished, he didn't have 3000 hits. Sure it would have been different had he not been a pitcher. But back to Jeter...I'd remind everyone to re-apply themselves and enjoy him while he's still playing. We are watching something special unfold, (for sometime actually). But we all know how the twilight is....don't we? We take a lot of things for granted now a-days. Give Jete a little more appreciative look these days...won'tcha?


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