Monday, August 02, 2010

J-E-T-S ~ Uh Oh!!

J ~ just   E ~ enjoy   T ~ the   S ~ show

J E T S ~ Just Enjoy The Signings
J E T S ~ Just Enough To Succeed?
J E T S ~ Just Execute The System
J E T S ~ Jokes End This Season?
J E T S ~ Just Enjoy The Season!

I'm a Big Blue Giants Fan but there's no doubt the "Roaring Jets" own the BUZZ right now. That's cool with me. No insecurities here. I've heard it said this is a Jets town now. They may own the day but this is still a Giants Town; no knock on the Jets. But they've taken major strides under Woody Johnson that were not taken under Leon Hess.

The Jets have earned the rights to the air waves right now.

But I was thinking the Giants' defensive front basically won us a Super Bowl with an average secondary and two "good"(?) linebackers. Shouldn't Revis Island get back on the mainland?

A lot of talk lately has Derrelle Revis' play as key to the schemes Team Rex likes to employ. That may be true, but the Giants proved the front line took the pressure of the secondary and not the other way around. That's not a blanket statement; it just worked out for the Giants. I don't blame Revis for his stance. Rex was a major contributor to this problem. But, defensively speaking, he's a corner back. There's a pecking order. I am in no way trying to minimize his great talent and skill. But c''re a corner-back. Get in camp. This was all spurned on by "foot-in-mouth" cheer leading on Rex's part. But still ~ M. Haynes and Hayse, the great corners of the Browns in the 80's, any great corner you can name, even our own Mark Collins (LOL) never were SB MVP's. So c'mon...get off the Island and into camp. Don't piss off the Jet fans. Not yet anyway!

I get that Rex's systems have historically been predicated on the ability of his corners to employ single coverage.  That allows maximum pressure on the quarterback by the front 6-7-or 8...hell sometimes even 9.
But c'mon.

If Mike Tannenbaum told Revis he was going to take care of him in good faith because he out-performed his contract, I'm sure he meant it.  But Al Davis went and gave that guy with an alphabet for a name all that money for a corner?  Jeez!  I'm sure Tannenbaum had every intention of upgrading Revis' contract but it seems Revis' representation smelled blood in the water and decided to take his client on the rough road through a wild romp through opportunism.

Nothing but love for them....just havin fun.

Tannenbaum needs to get a grip on what he created too because this team is all on him!  This is a one or two year team.  But a team worth building considering the chances he's taking regarding personalities.

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