Friday, August 06, 2010

"Is the sun going to come up tomorrow?"

(Preface ~ Yeah folks...I'm just getting started. This stream of thought is going to last a little while).

Yes Fred; the sun will come up tomorrow. The sun shines on a dog's behind once a day too ya know.

While in Connecticut taking care of some SNY business, Mets principle owner Fred Wilpon was ambushed by the reporters on hand and was pressed into commenting on the status of his General Manager, Omar Minaya.

Is that a Wilponian forecast that 2011 will be just as sunny as the current 2010 solar flare registering .500 degrees on the Win Percentage thermometer?  Get yourself a good pair of really dark sunglasses folks. Not because Fred declared the future being really bright; because it will help dim the view of another seasonal flicker at the Citi Field flame out.

Is that harsh of me? The Wilpons seem to be telling us in not so many words, what you see today you will be seeing next April also.  Jerry Manuel might be the only one not returning for another sun tan in Wilpon's sun. But Ollie, Castillo, Beltran and maybe Frenchy too, are seemingly going to be here next Spring accompanied by their returning GM.

I don't know if we'll be in the unique situation we are in now, meaning a rebuilding is very viable and executable in our current condition. These next two seasons have evolved into a golden oppotunity to right this ship! 

Is this organization going to make the right decisions over the next two seasons? Or is the S.S. Wilpon just turning into the iceberg?

That's what you should be worried about Fred; the iceberg dead ahead. Stop looking up to the sun ~ you'll burn your eyeballs out.

Besides, weather forecasters are the only people I know who get to be wrong everyday, get paid for it and still keep their jobs while looking good doing it. Umpires are closing in but they're generally less attractive that them news teams. Yowzza!

"The sun will come out..." Pffff !

I'll take good decisions and a winner on a cloudy day anytime.
When the sun comes up tomorrow be sure to pet that dog for me, will ya Fred?

And do not blow this for us!


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