Wednesday, August 11, 2010


As I watch Manny Acosta blow this game for the Mets tonight by serving up a Grand Slam to Melvin Mora (and now giving up a 5th run in this miserable 8th inning melt-down) there are only two thoughts that come to mind.

*First ~ Jonathan Niese pitched 7 really good innings against the Rockies.  Jerry Manuel took him out after the 7th inning.  Niese and Manuel shook hands in the dugout and did the Bro-Hug too.  Now he has to settle for a No Decision.  That's baseball.

The Niese Line ~
7 innings; 5 hits; 1 earned run; 7 strikeouts; 0 walks; 108 pitches/71 for strikes.

Oooooh!  Ooooh!   Then guess what I learned?.!  Manuel said Niese didn't pitch the 8th inning because of a hamstring tweak?  Niese was like, Huh?  Niese says he suffers no such thing and made a little reference to scar tissue.   Hmmm.  K-rod never warmed up.  Then again he.....Ahhh forget it!

**Second ~ And really most important to me.....


That is disgraceful and unacceptable!!!!!

Hey Mets!!!!!!!! ~ retire the number so as to never make this mistake again!


Former Mets' relief pitcher and present Colorado coach Bob Apodaca could have done a better job than Acosta for us tonight. 

***The Mets have given up the most Grand Slams in MLB this season; NINE.  Wanna know how many Grand Slams the Mets have this season?  The answer is equal to the chance of this team winning the World Series this year.

Hey Melvin Mora (former Met by the way...traded for.....ahhh forget it!), Thanks for the autograph a couple of years ago in Baltimore!  You may have given my team the "kick in the @ss while we're down" we needed.

P.S. (in light of the KRod developement I came back to this post to update it) ~
(Now i just heard it's third degree assault)

Damn I can't wait till tomorrow ~ I just can't wait for the CHAOS to start unfolding.  Be there!


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