Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome Home to the Citi...Boyz!!

10 August, 2010
The New York Mets' line-up is in for tonight's game.

Jose Reyes
Fernando Martinez
Angel Pagan
David Wright
Ike Davis
Chris Carter
Josh Thole
Ruben Tejada
Mike Pelfrey

This is NINE; This is a completely home-grown line-up!
Thank You Baseball Gods!
Thank You.


I've been longing for a day like this for a long time; since July 1st, 2007 to be precise.

OK Mets...Let's kick this rebuilding process into high gear now.

I will take the time out to credit

I don't know what they talked about when he flew down to Atlanta back in June.  But Omar and Jeff seem to be committed to this transition.
Because I was getting tired of complaining about them taking this course of action.

As a fan, this gives me a whole new perspective about my team.
Now I exercise patience with my boys as they try to get this ship back on a positive course.
Now I get behind my kids and see who's going to stick around and who might be useful in a future transaction.  Now I can just relax and watch

Welcome Boys. 
Your arrival is long overdue.

The Mets are 55-56 and 8.5 games back entering into tonight.

The new Met Era starts now.


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