Wednesday, July 21, 2010


An e-mail I sent in to Bill Daughtry's show on 1050ESPN Radio:

Let's get right to the heart of Met Matters and WILPONIANISM shall we?

Are the Mets going to make a genuine effort to sign Cliff Lee this winter?   Are they willing to do what other clubs won't?   Will they do enough to convince him to pitch here?

ANSWER ~ I'm leaning towards no; They won't.

The time is coming soon when the Mets need to decide whether WRIGHT and REYES are going to anchor this team before they're up for big money.   If the Mets don't commit in theory one way or another now,  we'll just continue to spin our tires in the mud when it gets to that.   If they know they are not committed to them long term for big money, Trade Them.  If they are committed in theory, hurry up and continue the re-build process we started (started out of desperation and we are still deciding whether it worked out by design or accident!).   MY OPINION?   I have no idea what the Wilpons think anymore.

So what exactly is the plan here Bill?   Have the Mets thought about these things?   I say no because they are practiced at the art of Band-aids.   They're still a reactive ownership.

The Wilpons themselves represent the biggest problem for the Mets' fan base.   They have NEVER been forthright, truthful, open...about the financial health of the club.   Additionally is the Mets Medical Staff that inept to still be getting (injuries in general) Reyes' oblique injury somewhat wrong OR are the dictates of the Wilpons at work in such matters?

In business, CORRECTIONS hurt.   All business' go through corrections.   The Mets need a correction Bill. If the Mets do not impose a correction upon themselves they will forever chase their tails in a circle.   The time is now.   It was started already.   They just need to recognize, follow through and finish the job.  Remember how the Rangers recognized they needed a correction because of the ARod contract?   Remember how Colorado recognized they had a problem on their hands with the Mike Hampton contract?  Corrections.   Look at Colorado and Texas in today's standings after a rebuilding process and a painful correction.

Joe McDonald did it with the Mets in the 60's.  Much of his work had a tremendous (if indirect) effect on the 1986 Mets also (after all, Hubie Brooks, Mookie, Orosco, Backman, Mazzilli and the trade return of Ron Darling...etc) .  The 80's Mets built by Frank Cashen were the next example of harnessing a group of young players, seeing who is going to work out and building around them.  Joe McLvaine tried it also in the 90's.  It didn't work out but we were all on board with the plan.

These kids saved Manuel's job.   They saved Omar's credibility.   They kept this team in the mix.   The kids changed the whole atmosphere around the team.   The kids changed the fan's whole perception about the Flushing Ballclub.

The Yankees used to have AURA and MYSTIQUE appearing nightly once.   Now that the Met regulars are back together again, our version ~ ANGST and ANXIETY start their summer tour through mediocrity.

The CORRECTION I speak of, of course is Beltran, Castillo, Maine, Perez, Barajas, and Francoeur.  Beltran, Castillo, Maine and Ollie need to be corrected post haste!   Find a way to rid the roster of these players or minimize their playing time and/or impact.   The money is spent!   That's part of a correction. Within two years there's a lot of money coming off their (Mets) books.   Those players are the OLD GUARD.   This ship needs to sail.   We need to move on.   The correction needs to be made.

If the Mets are not committed players at the trade deadline (and for what I have no idea), if they are not serious players for Lee this winter, if they are not thinking about Wright and Reyes with regards to the future.....what are they doing?  What exactly is the plan here?

Give me all the kids I can have if the Mets do nothing by the deadline.   I want Thole full time.   I want F-Mart and Tejada playing.   There's a whole list of names I want involved on the big club between now and Opening Day next year Bill.   The rest of Baseball and the respective GM's out there may not like our prospects but there are a handful I do like and want to see them now.   This is where the team is.   We are not a serious playoff contender.   Period.   Rebuild it now.   Complete what you started Jeff.   Do it!   So much of it has been done already.   Just finish the job.   We can then trade and use free agency to supplement, compliment and augment as needed.   Build a core and do it now.   There are players in this organization that can be somebody.

If you want to help this club right now...package Francoeur and a prospect for a right field upgrade and some bullpen help.   Oh yea...get another starter too; anyone at this point. Just do not overpay for something average if that will make Met fans happy.  Me?  I'm not interested in an average pitcher.  I'd rather give a kid a chance in our present context.

The OLD GUARD is back and so is the Met fan's angst and anxiety.   Is it me Bill?   Do I just not get it? You know for three years I've been screaming for this.   And for three years all I've heard is people complain about the Mets and how bad this, and how bad that.....and they don't this, and they don't that crap.   And I was told I couldn't have been anymore wrong than I was in 2007.   Oh Yea...I was called lost and lacking baseball acumen back then by someone.  Really Bill?   Really?   I'll blow this horn till I die or get what I want (win or lose...just give us the chance to have a clean slate).

Bill...after all this, I can still go on about how the Johan Santana window is closing...and the "then what" scenario; ~ About needing to replace K-Rod after next year (Parnell has stuff to be a closer). Those are more MET opportunities for applying Band-aids in the Wilponian world we live in. When will this vicious cycle end?

After that know where my head is at. What kind of club does Jeff want his POP's team to be? It's all on him.

Gee I wish we had more forthright ownership.


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