Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SAFE !! And Finally HOME

New York Mets
Chief Operating Officer
or as I prefer
Baby Jeff over at Mets~R~Us:


Through his puppet, Omar Minaya, pseudo GM of the Mets,

 handed down his directive concerning the coaching staff and status of the manager.

The Mets have announced there are no plans to fire the manager or Manuel's coaching staff.
Howard Johnson, who has come under intense scrutiny this season, and Dan Warthen, whom many will say isn't nearly as effective as the last pitching coach the Mets fired ~ Rick Peterson are still on the payroll.

(Jerry shows press what he might have contemplated
had the Mets fired him after the Left Coast trip)

For now.

My opinion?

I'll surprise you and say I agree with the decision.  It's too late to make that decision now (actually not really ~ any time is a good time).  Even Jeff Wilpon admitted earlier in the year last off-season would have been the ideal time to make changes.  But the Mets decided to maintain the status-quo.  And trust me, I am in no rush to see Bob Melvin in the dugout as a Mets manager. 

But I agree with not doing anything now either.  Omar Minaya should not be allowed to make another managerial hire.  That would be his third.  Omar and Jerry should be and I think are joined at the hip.  When Jerry goes, Omar will have a bus ticket out of town also. 
But that's just me talking.

Ultimately, Omar's hands have been tied behind his back by the Wilpon's Super Secret plan to hide their alleged financially unstable situation.  It's the Wilpons themselves who have not been truthful with the fan base this year.  A little more forth-rightness on their part might go a long way towards garnering some empathy from us and quieting the derisive chatter coming out of all parts of Metropolis this season.

But as hard as it may seem to believe, even to myself, I am defending the Mets' decision to retain the manager and coaching staff.  They really blew it last time they faced this situation with Randolph.  I think they are just trying to be a little more prudent right now.
(Without going into a digression...but doesn't that still sound like making decisions for the wrong reasons?  Just a thought.)

We fired Willie Randoph.  We fired Rick Peterson.  We can have a separate debate as to whether or not they deserved it.  But it was clear then, the Mets totally mishandled Randolph's release, to the point of embarrassment.  Rick Peterson was made unemployed for the wrong reasons.  Like Milt Thompson, the Phila Phils batting coach,  getting fired in Philadelphia was a shot across the bow by Rubin Amaro Jr and a totally symbolic gesture, so too was firing Rick Peterson from his post.  And today we can not say his replacement, Dan Warthen is doing a better job, much less as good a job as Peterson did; especially as it pertained to Oliver Perez (but there will be no digression about Ollie here!).

A concern of mine is the potential of Jerry Manuel to over work and effectively burn out Bobby Parnell out of the bullpen....AGAIN!  It's my claim Jerry burnt out Fernando Nieve with overuse earlier in the season and now he's been designated for assignment.  Last year Bobby Parnell set the Mets Rookie record for most appearances.  Parnell was over used and was still not fully recovered this past spring training.  Today he is popping the gun at 99 mph and I'd keep an eye on Manuel's usage of my guy; our kid...Bobby Parnell.

So....Yea; Jerry Manuel, Howard Johnson and Dan Warthen are all still employed today by the Metropolitans.  After that disastrous West Coast trip that was a 2 win - 9 loss nightmare, most people expected the worse for them this afternoon, especially after hearing there was a Mets meeting of the minds...i.e.; Omar and Jeff, yesterday on the Mets' off day.

It's time to hold the players accountable in this one.  The coaching can only do so much.  They don't throw from 60 feet 6 inches away and they don't stand in the batter's box.

Yea, Jerry isn't the greatest tactician around Baseball. 
But I would hire Famous Amos to manage the Mets
before I want Bob Melvin at the helm.

In the Mets' first game upon returning from that dreadful road trip, against the Cardinals tonight
Frankie Rodriguez just closed out an 8-2 victory.  The Mets took the pesky approach against St. Louis pitcher, Adam Wainwright, who surrendered a 3 run Home Run to Jeff Francoeur.  The Mets banged out 9 hits and Jose Reyes also homered tonight.

Maybe there is something to this Citi Field phenomenon and the Mets.
They can win at Citi in bunches but are completely inept on the road.  I do believe they are still in the single digits in road wins with 9.  Don't quote me on that.

So they're home again. 
Dan Warthen is safe and John Niese gets a well deserved win tonight.
Howard Johnson is safe and Francoeur and Reyes homer; Mets pound out 9 hits and 8 runs.
Jerry Manuel is safe and is home again where the Mets can potentially have a good home stand and distance themselves from the .500 mark again and hopefully gain a little ground on Atlanta.

This is it folks.  I don't believe the Mets will be serious players at the trade dead line.  So it looks like this is what we're going with.  I can't say I am happy because you know about my want for a complete rebuild.  I am not totally down on them or the season because....there's always hope...and that's why we root.  We always root.  So why hide it in spite of my issues with this team.

See?!  I can be somewhat positive. 
And it's not just because they won tonight.  You know me...that has nothing to do with it.  I just think Jeff Wilpon has a very precarious situation on his hands and for a day, I agree with him taking a more patient approach with the coaching staff and manager.  I think even Jeff realizes they are not the entire or glaring problem here.

And before I forget, Jerry Manuel served his one game suspension tonight;
the one he earned out in L.A.  All I can say is good for him!  I like the spunk.

Now beat it!


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