Friday, July 30, 2010

"A Happy Recap"

R.A. Dickey isn't one of the kids by any stretch.  But he is one of the New Jacks.  I was one of the first to ridicule Omar Minaya for signing him to a minor league contract.  I laid it on pretty heavily too.  The guy has only gone 7-4 for us and came up just shy of a complete game this afternoon.  Where would we be without him?

But Ike!  He's a Kid.  And he's been clutch.  He may only be hitting .250 or so, but all his hits have counted.  He hit another home run today, a three run bomb, and has a bucket full of rbi over his last few games.  He had a very clutch rbi single coming off the bench as a pinch hitter the other night also.  He is now officially a Rookie of the Year candidate.

Ike Davis for Prince Fielder? ~ Like I've heard lately?  Uh....I don't think so.

Mets won their first series since June when the beat the Twins in a series during Inter-League games.  The Mets took two out of three against the Cardinals with this afternoon's win.  Good ol' home cooking I guess.

The goal is to get some separation from the .500 mark in a positive direction during this home stand.  This was a good start.  Now we need to get some pay back against the D-Backs coming off that last road trip.

Let's see what happens.  There's no need to get freaked out today.  My issues with this team have not changed.  But I am resigned to thinking this team can not improve during this looming trade deadline.  In that case it makes it easier for me to cope.  I do not think this team can get through three rounds of playoffs.

So what happens now? I got to enjoy the game today instead of analyzing it. ~ Quite refreshing I must say.


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