Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good grief!

The Mets, for the first time this season are fielding their A line-up tonight versus Arizona.  Castillo, Beltran, Reyes, along with Wright and Bay, Francoeur etc., are in the same line-up together.  The Mets are getting bombed 6-1in the 6th innings as I watch this game.  The Mets are also 1-3 since Carlos Beltran's return.  The lone win during that time was when Beltran did not start.

What's old is new again.  Good Grief!  I know my vision of the Met future is slightly at conflict with reality.  I will say over and over, if I have my way right now and next year, Jason Bay would be the only non-home grown player on the field.  It's not a fetish I have with the homers and I'm not so fixated with them that I only see through Mets goggles.  It's just something I feel needs to be done.  Then you work to compliment, augment or supplement from there.

This team is so there.  Where?  Here:

Catcher ~ Josh Thole (tasting MLB-AAA)
1st base ~ Ike Davis
2nd base ~ Jonathan Malo (AA), Reese Havens (AA), Ruben Tejada
Shortstop ~ Jose Reyes (see 2nd base)
3rd base ~ David Wright
Left Field ~ Jason Bay the Free Agent acquisition.
Center Field ~ Angel Pagan
Right field ~ Fernando Martinez (AAA)

(Johan), Pelfrey, Niese, Dylan Owen (AAA), Dillon Gee (AAA), Bobby Parnell,  Nieve, 
Hennry Mejia (AAA) and a couple of others round out this entire list.

That's where I'd like to be.  Then I'll make my alterations from there.

But that's just me......just sayin'.



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