Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Arm Burnt Out by Jerry Manuel

Fernando Nieve has been designated for assignment by the Metropolitans. 

Nieve was ridden like a mule up and down a Grand Canyon path.  Jerry Manuel is squarely to blame for the ruination of Fernando Nieve.  Of course this is just all my opinion.  Past practice?  Yep!  Bobby Parnell.  He abused Bobby Parnell in 2009 to the point that he could not make the team this year out of spring training.  Bobby Parnell's arm strength only now seems to be fully recovered.  Ruination may be knocking on Parnell's door next...again.  Jerry Manuel is a desperate man right now making judgements in an effort to save his job.  Sometimes that is not always in the best interest of the player or the club.  Sometimes; not always.

Two relievers in two years Jerry Manuel conscripted to hard labor; the record is written.

Be afraid Bobby.  Be very afraid.


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