Friday, June 18, 2010



The US was outplayed and outscored by Slovenia in the first half of their morning match. Slovenia had USA
down two~nil into the break.

Then, in the second half, USA went to work trying to correct their situation. Early, in the 48th minute Team America cut the Slovenian lead in half on a booming strike from Donovan. USA continued to carry play and kept up a consistent effort in the offensive zone.

In what is clearly the defining moment for the Americans in this Cup Tourney so far, in the 82nd minute a strike by Michael Bradley tied the match. AMAZINGLY the U.S. had come all the way back from a two~nil nightmarish morning to scoring, tying things at two and sending the American fanatics attending the match into delirium.

It appeared as if the Americans still had even more tricks up their sleeves with an apparent third goal.  Everyone in attendance and watching on TV could not believe the referee's disallowance of what would have been the go-ahead goal. No one on the field ever got an explanation for the call. Yes...., we wuz robbed!!

That aside, what a great comeback by the hometown guys. It secured another point in Group play. There is still life in this squad. There are 3 games remaining within USA's Group matches.  England plays Algeria today. All is not lost for USA.  Unbelievably, Germany fell to Serbia in the early match. After looking so strong, dominant and convincing in their opening match of Group play, they stumbled earlier this morning.  Their undoing was perhaps self created.  They were made to play with ten after a red card eliminated one of Deutschland's forwards.

Spain; one of the overwhelming favorites to win the 2010 tourney also went down in incredulous defeat yesterday. France too fell at the feet of Mexico while Team Italia played to a draw. The European Powers are fit to be tied; Netherlands aside. The Dutch looked very impressive in their match against Denmark.

With Group play only mid~way through the matches, but Argentina already having played twice and being victorious each time, the Argentines are looking like the strongest club in the field.

Brazil was impressive in their first showing and I expect them to remain strong in Group play.

There's a clique of experts telling everyone beware of Nederland.
I would agree they make a great Dark Horse. But the real Horse Power in COPA 2010 is like I said, ARGENTINA.

But where does my home country of the US of A fit into this? Let's see what happens with England. They will not be sending Robert Green to keep goal for them vs Algeria.  England will put their fortunes or failures in the goal~keeping ability of David James.

England's goal~keeping situation has been well publicized as being quite unsettled. What can James do for England and what does it mean to us? We're going to find out more this afternoon.

Happy "SOCCER" everyone.



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