Tuesday, June 22, 2010



After First Half


Inside the 77:00 mark Argentina scores on a strike by
Martin Demichelis. 
From a right side corner kick the ball was headed, a strike was made, inadvertently blocked by a teammate, but Demichelis was there to clean things up.

At the 80:00 mark, the 36 year old MARTIN PALERMO, BOCA Juniors legend and Argentine All-Time Great, enters the match in a substitution for Milito for his
first ever World Cup appearance.

...AND  GOAL !!!!!
at 88:44
The great one, just moments ago mentioned here!!
"EL LOCO" strikes it home!

 GREECE        0 

90:00   + 2:00

2 - 0
Argentina is victorious and advances to the next round in WORLD CUP 2010

Martin Palermo is the oldest Argentine to score a World Cup goal for his team. 

It's almost unfathomable to be more famous in Argentina that Diego Maradona is.
Martin Palermo ~ El Loco 
is right there.
Coach Maradona was widely criticized for awarding Palermo a spot on the team.  I guess Maradona is more savvy a coach than I thought.  He substituted plenty in today's match against Greece and as fate would have it, Destiny found Martin Palermo in the box.  I always felt the Argentine Team had the talent to win this Cup.  It was the legendary coach I was skeptical about.  The players have made him look good; real good.  Club Argentina took 22 shots on goal  and possessed the ball for 67% of match time.  In first round Group Matches, Argentina scored seven goals while surrendering only one.

Messi's lack of scoring?  Nonsense!  He's having a tremendous tournament.
How do you think this is all being set up?  Lionel Messi is having an outstanding time of it.  It may not be reflecting in goals scored.  He is creating plays and space for his teammates and anxiety for the opposition.  His goals will come.  He's been able to get too many quality shots off in his three matches that eventually his strikes will start finding the back of the net.  But make no mistake; he is creating chances for everyone in a like jersey.

Argentina's next match is versus

Now it gets really good! 


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