Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup 2010~USA vs ENGLAND



This is a very good English team. 
So how many Cups were they expected to win
over the last four tournaments?
Uh...All of them? 
And they won how many of those?
 I thought so.
They've been talking a lot of smack  
on the other side of the 'Ol Pond.
It's as if they're purposely being overly cocky before hand
in what is really a sloven attempt at intimidation.
Be arrogant Boyz. 
To me it wreaks of FEAR.
All the pressure is on them.  All the expectations weigh on them.
England is under incredible pressure to do well this time around.
That's why they have an Italian coach leading the way.
They're desperate.
We won't get into the more embarrassing eliminations of their recent World Cup tourneys.  Will we?
We, after all, looked pathetic in our elimination last time around.

Club New World Colonists
Her Majesty's Football Club

We're forty minutes away from getting





It's not easy being GREEN!
after 48 minutes of first half play:

 Gerrard scored in minute 4 on a brilliant strike for England.

The USA looks thoroughly outclassed.
As a matter of fact, they look totally out-matched.

In the 40th minute, The English goal-keeper Robert Green had a shot on goal by Clint Dempsey seemingly secured; only to let it slide off his hands and into the net for an American tying goal.
A historic gaffe!

The Americans need to find a way to start putting some passes together and get play moving in the opposite direction.

2nd HALF

At 65 minutes, there remains white shirts loitering all about our box.  England continues to dominate play.

Excellent chances and quality strikes have been traded.
It appears the Americans are more willing to be lucky than strategize a plan to counter England's attack.

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good.  But I do not think the US can sustain this onslaught of offense by the Brits and not get hurt.  At the 70minute mark...we'll see.

Where would this team be without the incredible goal keeping by Tim Howard ? 
The Blue-Shirts have been unable to slow the surge of the Brits through our zone.  They've been camped out in our box like a scene out of Woodstock.  Our half of the field has been a
British Invasion all match long.   79:00

We are inside four added minutes of penalty time.

The Americans still resemble little baby sea turtles getting hammered by the surf at shore's edge as they try and make their way to deeper water and relative safety.  Meanwhile, the English continue to crash down in waves of offensive chances upon the sea tur...Americans, and continue to strike like gulls from above.

The whistle has sounded.


There will be no celebrations in the pubs of London for this effort; I'm sure.  I know the English Club fanatics can not be happy with this outcome.  English goal-keeper ROBERT GREEN might have to be relocated to Arizona and put into witness protection.
I just hope he has his papers in order  ; )  
I hear A.C. Cowlings is available for "get-away-driver" duty just in case Green is thinking about taking a trip.

What a great outcome for the Americans today. 
The expected blowout never transpired. 
Tim Howard is the biggest reason why.  
At times it appeared he was incredulous about the class of defense being played in front of him.  Consider him as the reason why the Yanks earned a point in their group play.  And yes; Thank Sir Robert Green also. 

The American defenders were mere traffic cones for the English wave of craftsmanship to practice with.  All they did was shave two seconds off the arrival time of another shot on goal.  To call the American defense a "defense" is an insult to swiss cheeze.  The English rush went through an American defense that played with the resiliency of wet toilet paper.

Somehow, someway;
we come away with a point in group play.

For the Americans now..; a chance to qualify for the next round if they can regroup against Slovenia and Algeria.  Those two teams play against each other tomorrow afternoon.

For England? 
They'll advance.  I just fear a more angrier team.

A tale of two countries;
*one game with the same result for both*
How you feel about it is a matter of perspective I guess.



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