Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Milk; Two sugars

Welcome to my morning cup of coffee.

Milk: Far be it from me to applaud anything the Yankees do...But they did beat up on Halladay and the Phunky Phillies last night.
The Mets won their game against Cleveland. Our friends down in Tampa beat up on the Braves. So over-all it was a good night in METropolis.

Two sugars:

First Lump ~ The Mets finally released the prodigeous OUT-making machine who was Gary Matthews Jr. If there was an award for making outs, Matthews deserves a trophy as high as the Gowanas Overpass.

Second Lump ~ Avery Johnson was officially announced as Head Coach of the New Jersey and soon to be Brooklyn NETS yesterday.
The Nets have their House in supreme order. From the owner down to the Coach, this team is getting it SO right!

This morning's coffee rating = exceptional!


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