Friday, June 25, 2010

METrospection; Brought to you by The "V"

Loria, David Samson, Beinfest, and now Bobby Valentine and what coaches he brings in, make for one of the elite front offices in Baseball. If you throw in their very fertile farm system...when the Marlins get their new park they are going to be down right insane with the cash infusion. The Wilpons will still be their relenting, meek/mawkish selves and there-in stemmed my fear of Valentine at the helm for the Fish. The Nats soon will have money back in their pockets when Peter Angelos finishes getting his fill of territorial rights fees and GM Rizzo is fresh. The Braves front office doesn't need detailing by me/us. The Marlin's is better. That leaves us and the Phils. Is the Mets' front office better than the Phil's?  Amaro vs Omar?  Pfff ~ I'd have fun debating that but clearly the Phils' run indicates theirs is better. If only Jeff Wilpon had a darker side.  It's really up to Jeff how cunning or savvy he's willing to be with his Pop's company.  But with the way the Mets have shaped thing up with the younglings and a return of Reyes (have to credit Dickey too!) ~ It's gotta make a Met fan think about the possibilities this team has presented for itself.  I'm thinking, are they aware enough to recognize what they have here, whether they got here by sheer luck or design?  This team is almost totally transitioned now.  Will they enhance an amazingly, quickly and remarkably rebuilt team?  And How?

Obviously I am totally in the NOW and rooting for my team every day.  But if we stay on this present course with regard to the changes towards young players we've incorporated and the select free agent signing, or a select trade, 2011 is something I'll be extremely excited about.  If 2011 can give me 8 home grown players in Mets uniforms (a very real possibility if Fernando Martinez is in RF next year) starting in one game like they will tonight?  I'm crazy with delight. 

Understand my angst.  On July 1st, 2007 I called into "the show" and announced I wanted this team gutted.  I have stood by that comment!  It was very unpopular to say especially coming off the 2006 season.  It seemed even more ridiculous to suggest considering the Mets had just taken 2 of 3 from Philly that weekend.  I felt then I recognized what the team really was and I was committed to selling everything...and selling HIGH!  That's as much as I will get into my feelings then...for now.  Just know I stood by that and meant it wholeheartedly!  Today finally, everyone has seen the results of turning that edition over.  Your proof is in the pudding.  Trust me; I know the argument against reasoning it wasn't a good idea then and today's players were not in the mix on July 1st of 2007.  To that I say DUH!  What I am saying is at the trading deadline of '07 prospects were being given away like candy on Halloween for the pennant stretch.  I could have named a team for all cast offs I had in mind.  Well, I got laughed off and I had to wait an excruciating 3 years to get what I always wanted; my team turned over.

The Mets starting Nine tonight will consist of SEVEN home grown players; seven home-grown players with some who have legitimate chances at being Big Leaguers.  If F-Mart was in RF that would be eight with Jason Bay being the lone exception.  Josh Thole was called up from AAA and will start tonight in place of our injured regular.

.....I think this team is on the precipice of something very good.  And it has everything to do with not having the same cast of characters of 2006-2009.  Compare any of those clubhouses to the one which exists today.  You know the differences.  Just put the "success" of '06 aside.  Jerry was here for those days of idiocy in the clubhouse with too many "Latinos" (I'm half P.R. myself), and not talking to reporters, and accusations about Delgado throwing Randolph under a bus, and Wagner shooting off his mouth, and LoDuca shooting off his mouth, etc etc etc.  There was a lot of drama on that team. What ever players linger from those days...your Maine's and Perez' are safely in Jerry Manuel's doghouse (DL'd but in the dog house none-the-less).  Beltran will be there too if he doesn't play good soldier when he gets back.  I hope this organization gives Manuel their blessings in treating Beltran as he sees fit.  But because Manuel remembers an anxiety ridden locker room under Randolph, I think he'll do what he needs to keep a condition like that at bay.  Yes, I believe Manuel has the gumption to take such a stance.  He seems to have no fear talking derisively of chosen players to the press.  If Beltran comes back a Diva, Jerry will have a good round of jokes and levity for the beat writers.  Count on it.

The Mets hold all the leverage with Beltran.  The money on his contract is spent already.  If he comes back and is useful, fit him in.  Platoon him.  Rotate the outfield of 4 players with time for each.  If he feels anything in his knee, he himself will shut it down.  You think he's going to risk further injury for the Mets?  Pfff ~ Yea right.  If he's an uncooperative Diva insisting on things, put him in the dog house!  Carlos Beltran has no choice but to play hard next year regardless of how much of a Diva he wants to be.  It's his contract year.  What's he gonna do?  Dog It?  Blame a twinge in his knee?  The Mets should not allow Beltran to come back on this team and disrupt something positive happening at Citi Field so far.  If he comes back with a team first mind set and understands the team's and his own situation, everything should work out fine.  But I am counting on Carlos Beltran for nothing.  My ship has sailed.

I've always said these kids were going to save Jerry and Omar's job.  Who cares about being right.  I'm just happy it's happening.  Manuel and 2011 is a different conversation.

If Josh Thole starts tonight we'll be fielding an all home-grown diamond,- Pagan in CF and with Pelfrey on the mound?...Snap a picture because this doesn't happen often. As a Met fan ~ OUTSTANDING! Give me more! This team is a far cry from the Opening Day edition. They should continue this direction. Keep all those malcontents in the doghouse. I'd like F-Mart in RF by 2011. Dillon Gee and Dylan Owen were promoted to AAA. Infielders Reese Havens and Jonathan Malo are doing quite well in AA.  Stinson and Kunz are still growing up and the more current Mejia and Nieve round out a little list of chips. I smell something brewing in METropolis. I hope! Mets are in a good spot for a Cliff Lee trade we all want. I don't want to rent him but we can do this.   It's really all about what kind of club Jeff wants his Pop's Mets to be. This team has a 1984 feel to it now.  That notion may have been mentioned along the way but it's undeniable.  Not earlier this season or in any of the last 3 seasons but today?- I'm feeling 84'ish.

Mike BTB

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