Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hot Pastrami, Baseball and Peace? Sounds like a Trolley Ride.

Brooklyn; BTB -   Hot Pastrami, Baseball and...Peace?

Do you need mood management? ..An attitude adjustment? ..A reality check?  Or do you just need to learn how to play and get along better with others? What ever your social dysfunctions or the civic diseases afflicting you, come to Brooklyn. We'll fix it. We have 2.5 million qualified attitude adjusters with experience in diagnosing and treating your neighborly malfunctions. You got a problem? We'll take a whack at it!

Brooklyn IS the most diverse place in this great country of ours.  I dare say it is the most diverse 70 square miles on the planet.  So if anyone can add something constructive to the Tolerance Debate, it's us.
We live it. 

That's right.  You want to bring peace to groups that have been in conflict for my entire lifetime and longer?  Bring 'em to Brooklyn.

Unrest, distress, mistrust and violence in the Middle East have been among the longest continuous memory-streams of my lifetime; as long as my stream of consciousness for Baseball is.  And violence over what?  Both sides have made their case.  There are valid questions and complicated answers.  But that is not for this post.  But the following blog entry is proof, Peace, is not out of the question.

So what does it take?  Hot Pastrami!  ...And Baseball!  ...And a Brooklyn frame of mind.

Climb aboard the Trolley folks; 1930's here we come.

That's when Esther and Paul ADELMAN opened their original Kosher Deli in the predominantly Jewish neighborhood of Borough Park, B'klyn.  The deli was sold and subsequently closed by 1981.  While Esther and Paul were still owners they had an employee, an Italian gentleman named Anthony Papeo.  Anthony entered into a partnership and in 1979 opened up a second ADELMAN's Kosher Deli on King's Highway in the Midwood section of Brooklyn, which is also a predominantly Jewish neighborhood adjoining Boro Park.  By 1986 Anthony was the sole owner of Adelman's.  In 1986, Anthony hired a new employee; Mohamed Salem who was an immigrant Muslim from Egypt.  Twenty years later in 2006, Mohamed Salem became owner of ADELMAN's Kosher Deli and Restaurant.

I invite you to read a neat and engaging article from the NY Post archives that covered the transfer of ownership; some of his reflections into the conflict between two traditional rivals and about the relationship he shares with his patrons.

If you read the article, that, in a nutshell, is Brooklyn. 
To call yourself a real Brooklynite means refusing to be ignorant of the differences in culture,
heritage or nationalities....and respecting them OR at the very least;  exercising tolerance.

But world peace is something much bigger than this blog can tackle. 
I'm just your friendly neighborhood TrolleyBlogger. 
Today I bring you a favorite staple of any red-blooded Brooklynite;
the Kosher Deli.

We're pulling up to:
ADELMAN's KOSHER DELI and Restaurant
1906 King's Highway, off Ocean Avenue,
Me?  I'm nuts for this place and so is my wife!  It's a mere two neighborhoods over from home.
Hot pastrami, corned beef, hot dogs, knishes, soups...Fugheddaboudit!!

They got it all and then some. 
One of my all-time favorites are the potato pancakes with apple sauce. 
Did I mention the salad bar was free?  Yea!  sick...I know!

It's not just the food either.  Sitting here is like sitting in the cafeteria at the Hall of Fame.  All the cover-able wall space is adorned with sports memorabilia; most of it autographed.  There's something for all sports fans on their walls.  Sure, the items are mostly NYC centric, but there is a lot more to satisfy all fans while taking in an excellent brunch, lunch or dinner.

The Brooklyn Dodgers are alive and well in Adelman's; like all the other places I've taken you to.
That team is still here and very real to us.  If you come here looking for them,
you're not going to find 'em.
You wouldn't know how to detect it.  But when you learn how to tap into it, it's marvelous how the team surrounds us.  Do you want to know why the old NY Giants
don't get as much speak around this town?
Simple...They weren't from this side of the East River.



Here's the rest of Adelman's Baseball Collection.
On behalf of us baseball fans, We Thank You.


There is more memorabilia of Football, Hockey and Boxing.
These are just a few offerings.

Super Bowl XXI

1994 Stanley Cup

And finally something I think made everyone feel good if you were around to see it.

1980 Olympic Hockey Team

Katz might be the most famous Jewish Deli in NYC,
but the one we got here in Brooklyn is the best!

And their name is ADELMAN's!
Oy!  Fugheddaboudit.
If Baseball,
a good Knish and a hot dog with mustard and onions
 can't get people to chill out,
What Will?

I hope you enjoyed the TrolleyRide everyone; courtesy of Mohamed Salem;
a true Brooklynite, my neighbor and owner of

This very old clock says it's time to go.

Happy Pastrami, Baseball and hopefully Peace everyone.


You know I always like to incorporate different parts of Brooklyn on these Trolley Rides.
As the extra add-on I thought I'd take you to a little sleepy water front neighborhood
on the south side called

Some of the local urban art.

Al Capone was baptized here.


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