Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup 2010~Argentina 1; Nigeria 0

Argentina wins their 5th straight World Cup opening match.

In 94 minutes the Argentine Club put 20 shots on goal.
A header from Hienze, off a corner kick from Peron, put Argentina up early in the first half.  The one goal lead held and Diego Maradonna's club gained victory
over Nigeria this morning.

Argentina had many opportunities to increase their goal total; many quality chances.  I will gladly accept the opportunities and deal with the missed shots.

On the other end...Too much of the play was taking place in the Argentine defensive half of the field in the second half. 
An uncomfortable preponderance of that time came in
the last 15 minutes.

It all matters not now.  The 1-0 victory is written in the books.
Argentina wins.


Thursday  June 17, 2010
South Korea


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