Thursday, June 17, 2010

Milk, Two Sugars

MILK: In direct contradiction with yesterday's cup of coffee, it was pretty sweet that Father Time Jamie Moyer could show the Yankees what he thought about the Bronx (to borrow a Bonilla infamous quip). Yankees Lose!

Thuuuuugh YAnkEEs LOSE !!

Two Sugars:
First Lump ~ It appears as if David Wright is truly over his shell-shock from getting his head dinged last year. Last year with everyone dropping like a piano out of the sky, there was absolutely no reason at all he should have seen a decent pitch to hit. Then he got beaned. The back of his baseball card says last year was an abberation in his career. This season is proving that out.
Oh yea... He is leading the National League in RBI with 52 as of last night's game. He's already passed last year's HomeRun total.

Second Lump ~ And while on D~Wright...I want all those pecker-heads who called up the radio shows ripping Howard Johnson for Wright's wrongs to call in again and correct themselves. Own up and credit him with the same verve you killed him with.
Today's cup of coffee ~ exceptionally pleasing.


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