Monday, June 14, 2010

The F Files

Everyone go to your refrigerators today and check to see who's on the back of the milk carton. 
There is a fellow blogger of our's who has gone missing. 
Yes, we have an MLBlogger disappearance.  He was a frequent visitor to many of our pages. 
He often supplied us with amusing information about NYC's transit system and the history of money more so than he blogged about baseball.  He wore glasses and claimed to be a Met fan while also supporting the Dodgers, Cubs and Yankees.  We won't hold that against him.  However, he was an eager young fellow, who suddenly dissipated into the Blogosphere.

When last seen, he was spotted boarding this Manhattan bound F-Train
leaving the Coney Island station in Brooklyn.

The back of this person's head may very well be the last time he was spotted in the BloggerHood.

On this map of Brooklyn I roughly highlighted the F-Line route starting at Coney Island and just before it crosses the river into Manhattan.  That's a lot of ground to cover but it's a start.  Maybe the hounds can pick up a scent from there.  That's if the dogs don't get a waft of something else first.

I'm talking about the one time
Blog Author:
M.T.'s Blogger
remember him?

This goes down as one of the unresolved


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