Saturday, June 19, 2010

Babies, BUMS and FREAKS - Oh my!

June 19, 2010

Our iconic Parachute Jump; a relic of Coney's glorious past.

Today is a special day in Brooklyn.  This day represents two things for it's denizens.
Coney Island plays host to two Brooklyn institutions:

The Mermaid Parade
The Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball Club (A)

How I would love to take you into the glorious past of this strip of Brooklyn's beach front.  We think of it as an extension of our backyards.  It's really a place just like the rest of our neighborhoods.  There's no gate; entry fee; hand stamp; open time; close time, structure, organization or central authority.  It doesn't even have a sign saying "Welcome to Coney Island" per say.  It's just somewhere we live our normal lives but with rides, food, baseball, freaks, bums and a beach. 
You know, the normal stuff.
It's not corporate and sterile.  We know the owners of the various attractions like I know the owner of the world famous Cyclone Roller Coaster for years.  Coney Island is an evolution of good, crazy, wacky and down right stupid ideas for the servicing of human curiosity, tickling their psyche, old fashioned entertainment; and a little bit of shock value but harmless fun for your senses.  There is no other place like Coney Island nor will there ever be.  At present the once Capital of the East Coast (100 years ago) is in a major state of flux.  Part of the uniqueness to Coney was the multitudes of individual ownership of the various parts of the area.  Coney Island was never and should never be a centrally controlled, homogenized entity.  The great varied minds who delved into entrepreneurship in Coney and the evolution of the park over the decades is what made Coney great.  Presently, there's a land grab under way by groups looking to detract from Coney's uniqueness and incorporate more traditional aspect to the area like Condos and attractions to make the place a more year-round destination.  As it stands, Coney Island's attractions are seasonal. 
But the place is never really closed.
PLEASE with that NOISE!!
Get that BUM outta here!!

For me it's a few stops on the train.  Stop signs and traffic lights make it an excruciating eight minute drive for me.  There is no denying the breeze off the beach and the screams coming from the NYC Landmark Cyclone Roller Coaster; the background anthem of the Side Show performers championing their talents and cries for "Shoot the Freak" on the boardwalk all make for an experience you will only get here; in my backyard.

Steeplechase Park; Current location of MCU Park, Home of the Brooklyn Cyclones

Then and Now

The Wonder Wheel and The Cyclone are both NYC Landmarks.
Both are well into their 80's and still thrill us today.




And yes, today is the Mermaid Parade.
Our much beloved Pagan Festival starts at 2:30pm.
I will heading over there in about an hour from now and get my day at Coney started with a good ol' Nathan's Famous Hot Dog; sight of the Hot Dog Eating Contest coming on the 4th of July.
I'll be there too!!

The Brooklyn Cyclones game time is 6pm.  I'll be in attendance for
New York - Penn League ~ Class A


"Battle of the Boroughs"
"The Ferry Series"

In 2001 our BABY BUMZ were born.

Let's Go Cyclones!!!

Mike ~ BTB


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