Monday, June 21, 2010

the AJB ~ MeltDown in the Desert

BTB  H.Q. ~ It's 10:50pm and AJ Burnette has allowed 6 runs against the D-Backs out in the desert in only two innings of work.  Yea...I know; - it's all Jorge's fault right?  A(pple) J(acks) gave up 3 Fruity Pebbles in the first inning alone!  The Diamond Backs have 6 runs on 8 hits to go along with their 6 recorded outs against AJ so far.  AJ is coming out for the third inning!...WoooHooo.  SKY Rockets in the NIGHT!!

He's such a mental case.  No! Not quite the magnitude of Ollie Perez but the resemblance of futility sometimes is uncanny.  AJ...what an enigma.   His stuff and his career numbers tell two very different stories.
This is probably something I would have TWEETED(?) ...if I had said account; So here I am.  When good AJ shows up, it's usually with a different catcher (eh-hem!! Cervelli, Molina,  eH-HeM!  etc).  When bad AJ shows up more often than not Jorge is behind the plate...with of course the occasional exception.

There just is no denying this phenomenon!  No one will come out and openly speak the truth on this matter as if a VooDoo spell will LiveKill their existence.'s not OK to put this on Jorge; not one bit.  Sure he's got his issues as a catcher and receiver.  But the over-riding factor here is that AJ is just a Block-Head.

"Why did I throw that pitch?!!!"  I don't know AJ.  Try this.  Pick a pitch and execute it.  Easier said than done right?

He's his own worst enemy.


Mike  BTB

11:49 PM

Start Dinner Honey...I'm Coming Home!!  

The Yankees are left to clean up the mess A(pple)J(acks) Block Head left behind while he hits the showers.

The AJB gave up 9 hits; 7 runs all earned; he walked 2 and gave up 3 Fruity Pebbles of equal opportunity as the AJB allowed the D-Backs to deposit an offering in center field, right field, then one in left field respectively.

As reward for the AJB's pleasing performance the Diamond Backs offered 12 outs in return to express their gratitude.  What a classy bunch...huh?

The Yanks are trying to peck their way back into this game.  It is now 6-3 in the bottom of the seventh inning with Chad Gaudin pitching (who just popped a 92mph fastball by the way...AND just hit Justin Upton on the elbow with a 93mph fastball!  OUCH!).

... and it's now 12:04 BTB time.




So much for the come-back.  10-4 Final.  The D-Backs win.  That mushroom cloud rising over the desert tonight was the bottom of the first inning in Arizona courtesy; the AJB who surrendered 5 runs while getting three pitches lost over the wall for home runs.  Justin Upton had one of those.  He added another for good measure later in the game.

That's a wrap.


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