Wednesday, May 05, 2010

the Vault - A game from 1996 vs. Reds

Look at the price of the ticket!  LOL!!

I was down in the Vault tonight.  Remember that notebook I told everyone about?  I still can find it.  What can I do?  I'm making a new one. 
This is a series a pictures I remember like yesterday.  This is from box number 11.  They were paper clipped together and I thought being as the Mets just wrapped up a series with the Reds, these pictures would be quite timely.  They lost two out of three by the way and I need a diversion.
This was a game from 1996 as you can see by the tix.  It was Banner Day at Shea
 (something they stopped doing when the signs started getting out of control and too critical....Gee)

I bought this pin that night too.  I collect everything.  I may joke about hating teams, but really I love em all.  There are no Mets without anyone else to play.  And especially when you're dealing with a team like the Reds who've been around since 1869....Well, I respect that.

This is where I was sitting that night.  Here's the little story behind the pictures.
As the Reds were warming up they were nice enough to throw some balls in the stands.  Two or three were engaging in a back and forth with the fans.

As the parade of Banners was marching through, the Reds kept creeping their way closer to our LF corner.  After the last banner made it's way past the players I yelled down to them and asked if they'd get together for a picture.

Ask and ye shall receive.

They were quite accommodating as you can see.  It's the little things in life folks.
I thanked them very much for their time.  I thought it was a very nice thing to do on their part.

Later that night Bobby Bonilla hit a HR in the bottom of the ninth inning to win the game for the Mets.
It wasn't a great season for the Mets.  But I remember this night well as just another
great day/night at the park.

Now that I've embarked on reclaiming order to my vault, I'm just going to start posting pics of all the parks I've been to.  Why not?  In the mean time, it's incumbent on the Mets to win my attention back.  They're where 
I thought they'd be.  I don't mean being small change out of first place.  I mean being up and down.  They are playing to the classic highs and lows of an inconsistent team.

Happy Baseball Everyone.

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