Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tonight's Rubber Game; NY Mets vs. Phillies in Philadelphia

..early afternoon:
In tonight's big rubber game between the NY Mets and the Philadelphia Phillies, the Mets have announced Ike Davis and Angel Pagan will get the night off.  Gary Matthews Jr. will start in center field and Fernando Tatis will get the start at first base.

If anyone needs a day off today it's David Wright. He needs to clear his mind. Did you see that curve ball Halladay snapped off that David nearly broke his hip and his ankles getting out of the way from; the one that dropped in for strike three? Say what you will but getting beaned still presses on his mind. I've noticed it a few times this year with a good hook coming at him. He's not concentrating and recognizing the pitch. He's not picking up the signature dot on a curve ball at all.

If Ike and Pagan need a day off that's fine, but it's incumbent upon Omar to make upgrades from our current Matthews and Tatis off the bench situation. Omar needs to have that situation corrected by, if not before the trade deadline. I do not mean Beltran either. I'm talking bench upgrades here. Cora is a keeper. I know the return of Beltran puts Pagan back on the bench. But I am not counting on Beltran.
Tonight's Mets Line-Up:
CF ~ Matthews
2B ~ Castillo
SS ~ Reyes
LF ~ Bay
3B ~ Wright
1B ~ Tatis
RF ~ Francouer
C   ~ Barrajas
SP ~ Santana

Game Blog:

*Top 1st inning  ~  Castillo single.  Bay single.  David Wright hit a three run Home Run.  So much for me saying he needs a day off.  Tatis base hit.
*Bottom 1st inning  ~  Placido Polanco hit a laser to left on an 0-2 pitch for a Home Run...a high fastball out of the strike zone.  Against the Ryan Howard Shift, Ryan Howard hit an outside corner change-up to left field for another Philly solo Home Run.

After 1st inning  ~  Mets 3 - Phils 2

*Top 2nd inning  ~  Barrajas single.  Matthews fielder's choice.  Barrajas out trying to advance to 3rd. 
*Bottom 2nd inning  ~  a seven pitch inning for Johan Santana.  Phils out in order.

After 2nd inning  ~  Mets 5 hits - Phils 2 hits    score = Mets 3 - Phils 2

*Top 3rd inning  ~  3B Polanco makes nice bare hand pick-up and throw out of Jason Bay.  Jamie Moyer gets through Mets 3,4 and 5 hitters easily with his pitches topping out at 81 mph and averaging 78 mph.  A couple of pitches have come in at 71 mph.  I hate this guy!
*Bottom 3rd inning  ~  Moyer slaps a ball to short and hustles up the line but is thrown out by Reyes.  Moyer is on HGH!(not).  He's becoming the Minnie Minoso of pitchers.  Phils muster nothing this inning.
Phillies announce Joe Blanton will pitch for Philadelphia tomorrow.  I'm sure that's welcome news for Philly.

*Top 4th inning  ~  Tatis is punched out - caught looking at a high strike.  Moyer's first K.   Francouer hit by pitch.  Moyer hits 82 high!  Francouer steals second base.  Barrajas hits one off the foul pole in left field..Home Run Barrajas, his 6th of the year.  Moyer strikes out Johan.  Matthews just committed his third out of the night.  We only get 27 outs a game and he has mastered accumulating them as a Met.  Matthews produces outs at an astonishing 86% clip.
*Bottom 4th inning  ~  Utley lead-off double.  Ryan hits fly to warning track in left and Utley does not/can not tag up from second base.  Werth hits a dribbler.. out catcher to first, Utley to third.  Ibanez singles to right.  Utley scores Philly's 3rd run.  Single by Castro.  Ruiz walks on four pitches.  Bases loaded for Jamie Moyer and two outs.  Johan walks Moyer.  Run scores, bases still loaded.  GRAND SLAM HOME RUN by Shane Victorino on the first pitch.  Single for Polanco and the Phils have batted around.  Not so much as a visit by Dan Warthen or Manuel through-out this inning.  AND Chase Utley just smashed another HOME RUN to right.  Two more runs in.  Score now Philly 10 - Mets 5.  Eight runs this inning all coming with two outs.  Johan Santana's best pitch came in at 91 mph tonight but with no command and control tonight, the Phils were able to sit on the fast ball.  Johan is headed for an early shower.  Takahashi is the new Met pitcher.  Howard single.  Werth doubles, Howard scores.  Ibanez is out and inning finally ends.

After 4th inning  ~  Phillies 11 - Mets 5

*Top 5th inning  ~  Who Cares?!

Johan's line:
3.2 innings pitched
8 hits
10 runs all earned
2 walks, 1 strikeout
4 home runs allowed.


And that concludes tonight's broadcast.  I suddenly no longer feel the motivation to continue this post any longer.    *sigh*
  I'm back...just in time to announce this game just went final at 10:54 p.m. EST.

Philadelphia Phillies 11
New York Mets 5

The Mets are now 1/2 game out of first place.  It's not a bad place to be.  Good night all.



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