Monday, May 10, 2010

Speaking into a "Hot Mike"

Dallas Braden now has a book of matches to go along with his can of gas.
I don't know which Geriatric made me laugh more this weekend;
Betty White or Branden's GrandMa.  "Stick it!" 
I am very interested to see how this situation with,
the player formerly known as Alex Rodriguez, plays out; either with a fizzle or a big pop. 
There is a good story in it any way you look at it.

Los Expos de San Juan, Le Montreal Exits, Jeff Loria's Love Children,
MLB's former Foster Child,
the D.C. Nine minus Two; - Yes! Those incredible pains in my posterior... -
The Washington Nationals;
Yes those Washington Nationals come to Citi Field starting a three game series with the Mets tonight.
This team has given the Mets fits and it's driving me crazy.  The 2007 and 2008 seasons, one can argue boiled down to the Mets not being able to beat this team (and the Marlins) down the stretch.
This year nothing has changed as evidenced by the last series we played together. 
The Nats took two out of three.  The Mets have corrected an April stumble and have positioned themselves back into a very manageable situation.  The Mets might be entering this series with a 17-14 record, but they chose the peaks and valleys approach to get here.  This isn't one of those "seize the moment" series or game, but every time you take a step forward, like they did by taking two of three from the Giants, they can't take steps backwards against the Nationals by loosing two of three; now can they?

So G.I. Girardi has already started implementing a plan to pace the elder players of this team.  It's nothing specifically he's done, but you can see the concerns age plays as a factor on the Yankees.  I too would pick and choose my moments as he has, and I'm not making issues of it. 
My thought is only this.  I don't think the Rays will have that problem. 
Will Girardi's pacing of his players serve him well versus the Rays relative youth?
It will be a fun summer watching these two teams go about their business in very different ways.
The Yankees seem to be winning in spite of the injury bug and I don't envision many loosing streaks for the Yanks.  In 2008 everyone kept waiting for the Rays to cool off, fall back and fade away.  The prolonged slump never happened and they outlasted the Yanks and won out over the Sawx.   Just sayin..

With Phil Hughes throwing so well, I wonder if when his timer goes off,
the Yankees with stick to their guns and impose
When August rolls around where will Javier Vasquez' game be?
How will Andy's elbow hold up?  If somehow Phil Hughes can convince Mr. Cashman, through performance, to bend the RULES and Andy's elbow does indeed hold-up, Vasquez will be insignificant.
Unfortunately for Vasquez there is only one solution to his problem.  He must pitch better and win.  It sounds simplistic but it IS the stark reality.  Anything less and he's toast.  Heck, I'll go out on a limb and say trade him now to the National League and shore up the bullpen and upgrade the bench.

I've been keeping a curious eye on the White Sox.  Ozzie already launched an obligatory SCUD earlier this season saying he wouldn't blame the club if they imploded the whole thing, himself included (to summarize).
Change has been hovering over the South Side like a big black ugly rain cloud for two loud years now.  I know Mr. Reinsdorf is a very loyal type.  I don't think Kenny Williams is going anywhere to be honest.  I also think Kenny does not have any want to fire Ozzie Guillen either.  What I can see is Kenny Williams blowing the whole thing up going into July's trade deadline.  You can't blame him for lack of patience.  Ozzie is not tuned out by his players but he's been talking to some of the same ones with the same results.  Those White Sox know who they are.  Let's face it, this team is a far cry from the 2005 edition.  Aaron Rowand was the first step in the wrong direction.  Kenny Williams still has some tradable pieces on his team that he'd be better for trading them this year.  Crazy is as crazy does.  Kenny has some crazy in him.  That's why I don't think Ozzie is going anywhere.  By the way, Jerry Reinsdorf loves him too.  So let the fire sale begin!

Just my baseball thoughts of the day.


Post Scripts:

9:37 pm - Jose, Jose Jose NO WAY! One night after David Wright blew his top arguing balls and strikes and getting ejected, tonight Jose Reyes similarly got caught looking at called strike three and got himself ejected for slamming his bat and helmet, and yes, aguing the call. Have a nice shower Jose. In the top of the 8th inning, the Mets trail 2-1 to the Nationals.

See what I mean?
...and we have a final.  Mets loose.  Mets go 1 for 12 with runners in scoring position.
Don't say I didn't warn you.  The Mets just can not put the Nationals down.
Good grief!

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