Saturday, May 15, 2010

Speaking into a "Hot Mike" again..

Not too long ago, Bernie Carbo, yes the Bernie Carbo that hit a game tying 3 run home run for the Red Sox in game 6 of the 1975 World Series against the Reds, shared his story with us about how he played almost every game stoned/high out of his mind.  The latest revelation stemming from that story is how Carbo now admitted he wanted to pay a couple of "mafia" types $2,000 to break the arms of Keith Hernandez in retaliation for Kieth's testimony against Carbo dating back to the Cocaine Scandal of the early 80's.  Kieth had testified he was introduced to cocaine by Bernie Carbo.  For that testimony Bernie wanted Hernandez's arms broken.  When Carbo brought up the idea to the "gentlemen" who would have carried out the deed, they were agreeable enough to do it, after a couple of years that is.  Yep!  The guys talked Carbo out of the deal by getting him to understand if the hit was put on Hernandez so soon after the testimony, of course they'd seek Carbo as suspect number one.  Today as Bernie Carbo is making all this known to us, he says if  he should come in contact with Keith Hernandez, he would tell him he was sorry for introducing him to the drug and causing him to have problems with it.  Read about the whole thing here.


My how the times have changed.  I offer you this little anecdote I heard this morning.  I do not know the full context this following bite was a part of.  I'm assuming it had something to do with the recent TASERING of a fan in Philly.  I could be wrong,  I tuned into the radio show in time to hear this clip
involving Duke Snider Duke.  (I'm paraphrasing Warner Wolfe)

...'after a Dodgers game against the Reds in Cincy...the fans were allowed on the field after the game.  A fan confronted Duke Snider and said to him, "You're Gutless!"  Duke said a few unsavory things back to this fan.
The fan proceeded to take a punch at Duke, and missed.  As Duke once told the story, he said he had his glove rolled up in his hand and popped the fan in the mouth 'really good'.  That fan was held over night in jail.  Both had to appear in court the next day.  The judge recommended the two just shake hands and end this like gentlemen.  Duke was agreeable to that.  The fan, who suffered a broken dental bridge from the punch asked the judge 'What about my mouth?'  The judge's response to that question?  The judge said, "I don't know.  I am not a dentist.  Case dismissed!"   We all know how something like that would have played itself out today.  Don't we?


Not only does Charlie Manuel throw the Mets under the bus with the stealing signals saga, Bud Selig decided he was going to give the Philadelphians 3 more home games this year.  The G-20 Summit will be held in Toronto this year on the same dates the Phillies are scheduled to play the Blue Jays.  MLB basically wants nothing to do with any potential chaos due to protesters and those who take things a step farther.  Instead of finding a neutral site for the two teams to play as MLB decided to move the series, Selig decided to play those games in Philly as Toronto acts as home team.  Thank you Bud Selig!  Because that is so fair right?  Toronto is entitled to the gate.  Without checking the schedules, are you telling me Chicago's two parks, Buffalo-which would draw a bigger crowd than Toronto ever will this season, Cleveland, Boston or Pittsburgh couldn't host this series?  No. - Because the zany and wacky long standing rivalry between Philly and Toronto needs to be held in Philly; giving them 3 more games in their own stadium than the rest of the division will have.  I can see MLB's point.  Canadians have a way of burning down their downtown districts and tipping cars and what-not after their hockey teams inspire such action with a win OR loss.  The outcome of the game isn't as important to them as the final tick of the clock marking zero point zero zero; Time for them to Wild-Out!  Ay?  All the protesters, activists and hooligans flooding into town for the summit will no doubt be something worth avoiding.  But Selig Meister Meister Selig should have come up with a better place than Philly's park; somewhere like SomberTown!.  Selig is just appeasing the Jays knowing the joint will probably sell out.  Thank you Dud Selig.  May I have another?


That's it!  All HAIL has broken loose.  HAIL is just a complete and utter mess.  He has more problems than a math book!  The pitcher formerly known as Oliver Perez has finally been taken out of the rotation.  Things have not gone well for him at all.  There was a sign here and a sign there he might turn a corner.  But those signs really read DEAD END when you got closer to read them.  Two starts ago it was the weather.  Ollie doesn't do well in the cold.  In that game he walked 7 batters in too few innings pitched and looked plain ol' pathetic.  So this is what the team went with;- it was the cold....Too cold for Ollie.  He's HAIL damn it!!
So everyone said his next start in Miami was going to be just what the Doctor ordered.  Some good old fashioned tropical climate was going to warm Ollie's bones and he was going to pitch more 'gooder'.  That was the plan!!  Honest!  This is the way the team was spinning it.  Well Doctor, Ollie needs a miracle not penicillin.  OK - Miami.  You are there!  Did you smell that?  It was Ollie stinking up Big Fish Stadium like hot garbage in a closet!  So much for the climate control theory.  Next move?  Mets said is the bullpen.  ME?  That won't help.  What's he going to get?  Mop-up duty?  He won't be the 8th inning guy?  He's not the 9th inning guy?  He's not a one batter lefty specialist to get one lefty bat out.  Is he John Maine's personal long relief specialist now? (He should be!).  There is no effective innings set for Ollie to continue fooling himself  as a pitcher in our bullpen.  Get him to accept a demotion to the minors.  Let him start a few more games in Buffalo.  The bullpen will just not help him.  He just doesn't fit any job description and the opportunities are sporadic at best.  How do you pitch out of your troubles as a starter like that?  Send him to AAA with his consent.  Make him understand then bring him back after 3 or starts.

(Today's post game note:  You can include RAIN back into the daily forecast along with HAIL again.
John Maine was miserable today once again.)

And while I'm at it.  Just like I said folks, the Mets can not beat the Nationals and the Marlins.
It's un-B-Friggin-lievable!!  This is going on for years now.  Today's loss ensures we lost the last two series after taking a series from the Giants.  We finish with the Fish tomorrow.  Then two with ATL followed by more Nationals.  After that?  NY Yankees and Inter-League play.

Did I tell you I'm getting a little sick and tired of Inter-League?
Next post.


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