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I am a Red Sox fan.  It says so on my blog page header.  I've been a Red Sox fan since about 1977.  My Pop was a Yankees fan.  I've already made you all familiar with the story.  The Chris Chambliss game of the 1976 ALCS is still the singular most spectacular game I ever attended.  I had no hate for the Yanks yet.  But in '77 I felt myself gravitating towards the Red Sox.  My Pop kept balance between us.  He kept feeding me a steady diet of my Mets' life but I spent equal time in Yankee World and it was all good!  In 1977 the Yankees signed Reggie Jackson and I never missed an at-bat of his.  But by '77 the Bronx Zoo really started taking form.  By '77 there were players that just started rubbing me the wrong way; Craig Nettles being the lead culprit.  In 1978 I remember running home from school to watch game 163, the AL East Playoff game or as everyone now knows it - The Bucky F'n Dent game.  YAZ was an instant hero of mine when he crushed that early home run in the game.  I've been a fervent BoSox fan since.  My Yankee "Hate" (which is really and honestly misleading) didn't truely kick in till after Thurman Munson passed away.  By then Mickey Rivers, Chambliss, Catfish and Sparky Lyle were no longer on the team and BOSS George was really coming into his own.  That, Ladies and Gentlemen is the Genesis of:

the BROOKLYN Chapter of

How can such a thing exists in NYC?  I just told ya!  NUF CED!!
But you must know I have ALWAYS spent as much time going to
Yankee Stadium
as I do going to see the Mets.

Now, I must admit something to you, then warn you about another.  There is some Yankee fan in me as much as I hate to admit it.  But I will stand firm that my SOME is a hell of a lot stronger and more knowledgeable and appreciative of Yankee Tradition and History than many, many vermin sniffing the curb sides on their way home from the Stadium disguised as Yankee fans.  You know who you are.
With-in this BloggerHood I have done my best to keep my most derisive Yankee comments to myself, because they can be just that; - derisive.  I've done it out of respect for my fellow bloggers who are Yankee fans, to which I still consider myself the newcomer on the block.  I haven't wanted to move into the Hood like Godzilla out for a nice afternoon jog through Tokyo.  But after a few months of getting to know me, I think yous'guys know Baseball regardless of what team is my love and all their histories included.  Anything and everything this blog puts forth is either for love of our game or just to have a little fun, even if it is at other teams/fans expense.  Being a Mets fan, I was in St. Louis for the 1987 playoffs with my old army room-mate who's Pop had season we took some leave and went .  Making it no secret I was a Mets fan amongst his friends, I enjoyed 4 days with them being called Pond-Scum!  It was great.  My point is, I'm equal opportunity so fire away.

Tonight the rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox resumes.  Before I go any further I must inform you forthright; M'Lady, Jane, our delectable She-Fan is the inspiration for today's post. 
She IS NOT one of the Yankee fans I described above!! 
I have the utmost respect for you Jane, you must know that. 
You are the Grand Supreme High Exhaulted Blogologist!
It's just coincidence I decided to wait till today to tap into my inner NUKE and announce my Red Sox Fandome with Authority. 
However there was one particular image missing from the Josh Beckett montage.  If only the Yanks could have hit 20 home runs against Josh Beckett on this night,

 maybe just maybe this memory wouldn't exist, but at the very least 
you could have had this image remain safely repressed
in the farthest reccessess of  your Yank-ollections. - 
...Until I came along that is.  Different team?  Yea.  Same guy?  You betcha.

I respectfully call this post:
Getting Back for Josh Beckett

This Total Recall was brought to you by Brooklyn Nation.
Let's go Red Sox
Happy Baseball Everyone.

Here's the rest of that collage for you Marlins fans.
Why did the BTB make a collage of the Marlins?
I collect Front Pages and I'll make a collage about any team just as long as I have stuff to use.
I have all my ticket stubs from the 80's on...etc.

Just for you Jane, I'll show you the one my son asked me to make him
(10 yrs ago)
 as a show of respect to your favorite team, you personally,
and to show I mean everything in fun.

Let the games begin!  Good luck Jane, Yankee fans and Red Sox fans everywhere.
Brooklyn Nation is open for business.


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  1. Love this post! Ah, yes, the Beckett who killed the Yankees in that series with the Marlins. I remember it well - and not fondly. But I live in hope that tonight's game will go well for my Yanks at Fenway. Sitting here waiting for it to start right now!


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