Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Ranger Fan Taps His Stick

The Devils clinched the division tonight
with a rout over the N.Y. Islanders.
As a Rangers fan, trust me I have plenty to keep my mind occupied and focused elsewhere.

But while I have hockey on the mind, congratulations is due to Martin Brodeur for doing what's never been done...twice. He keeps adding to his own shut-out record for goalies by recording his 115th recently. In the same night he achieved win number 600.

There is no conflict. I am a Rangers fan. But since the Devils arrived here from Colorado in the early 80's, I've enjoyed having them as a neighbor. I'm sure I would feel very differently if we hadn't beaten them in 1994. But we did. And therefore I have good feelings towards Brodeur, Scott Stevens, and a host of other Devils with Big Lou running the show whom I met at MSG and he graciously signed my program.

C'mon. 600 wins! And I've basically watched at least 80% of them just being a hockey fan and watching all the games at night.

The guy is great. He goes under-appreciated as a genuine sports star because Hockey just doesn't get any air or print space large enough to be noticed. His greatness needs to be spoken about and I feel this needed to be said.

Big Lou has created a Hockey machine and it can be argued he's the best executive in the Metro area and one of the best in all of sports. I also happen to think their logo is among the best in sports also.

My vested hatred in a rival was already wrapped up in the Islanders. So when the Devils came here I was more curious and intrigued than anything else. After players like Shanahan and Verbeek, and Richer and McLean etc...they had my attention. I remember the first time they made the playoffs as Devils. I felt good for them. It's been a Hellish run for the NHL ever since. I'm glad they've been been doing Devilish things in our backyard for what is approaching 30 years soon.

Top to bottom, there's a lot you can learn from a Devil.

If esp*.com won't blog about the Devils, I guess I will!

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