Saturday, April 24, 2010

Current Homestand METrospections

a/o April 23
Reyes is saying the right things and displaying the right attitude with regards to batting third...Now. He's let his feelings about batting 3rd be known in the past. This is not a criticism. But Reyes does seem to be back and if I didn't know any better, I dare say he is stepping up as a leader and elder statesman of this team in attitude and deeds. There's a sense this team is rallying around their manager because of the grumblings in METropolis this early in April. A 26 yr old Reyes is behaving a little differently that the 23 or 24 year old Reyes did. Maturity? Injury's way of reminding one of their mortality? Whatever it is, this Reyes will be better for it.

a/o April 24
You can't win pennants in April, but you can loose them. You can blame '07 on a September choke. I blame it on a poor first half. Getting to .500 showed some gumption by this team. And I dare say they are rallying around their manager. It's nice to see and who are we to be kill-joys right now. With 6 days left in the month, the Mets can actually polish this month to a shine. Let's Go Mets.?!

a/o April 25
And the Mets not only gained the elusive .500 mark, they're a game above it now.  Just as things seemed to be getting mighty ugly awfully early around here, it seems the Mets are riding the other side of extreme right now.  That's right.  I'm not going to get crazy because this is what inconsistent teams do.  But I'm not going to be a kill-joy today.  So here are some thoughts at face value.

Jose Reyes ~ Re-capping what I said the other day....His demeanor is different since he's back.  If I didn't know any better, I'd say he's growing into himself now and he's recognizing he needs to take his rightful place as a Mets elder statesman now.  He's 26 this year.  I have noticed a different Reyes so far.  It may be simply because Reyes is not the 22 or 23 year old we sometimes chided for too many theatrics.  The reason could be he realized his mortality after loosing two almost complete seasons to leg injuries which book-end his career.  Maturity and injury have a way of shaping a players perspective.  It looks like Jose will be better off for it.  He is saying all the right things with regard to batting third and it seems as if he has taken the lead in rallying around Jerry Manuel.  Other players like Jeff Francueor and Pagan are echoing sentiments about their manager.  Reyes is clearly having a quick effect on the Mets.

Jerry Manuel ~ No one is screaming for his job today.  I stress today.  I've already expressed my position on the manager of the Mets.  I'll say this much about him; he's pro-active.  If he's going down, he's going down managing.  He's making logistical decisions about his players and taking chances.  These decisions and chances might be born from desperation, but again, I am not pooh-poohing the day today.  Manuel was never a consideration long term for me.  He was a good and logical choice to replace Randolph.  I thought we'd have moved on over the winter.  Having said that, I am in no hasty rush to replace him with Valentine.  I think you all know my concerns weigh heavier when speaking of the GM and my front office.

David Wright? Howard Johnson?
This is the third stance in three years for David Wright.  Each one has resulted in worsening results.  His strikeouts the last 3 years are through the roof and climbing like a bean-stalk.  In his earlier years he was striking out to the tune of 115 per 600+/- at-bats.  The last three years he's averaging about 50 less at-bats and striking out at a 150 per clip.  He's gone 12 consecutive games with at least one strike out.  He's not just striking out.  He's going 0-2, 1-2 in the count regularly!  His legs are like boiled spaghetti at the sight of a curve ball.  He's missing fastballs right down the middle by huge margins.  He's swinging at worm killers and guessing wrong on almost every pitch.  He is completely out of his mind right now.  He's got IT real bad.
For this one particular player, Howard Johnson the Met's hitting coach, has to be working against what is right for David Wright.  These two guys need to clean the slate and start over with a new plan.  Trying to scape-goat Hojo is foolish but obviously what he and David are doing is clearly not even close to being effective.  And maybe, just maybe, getting beaned in the head is still fresh in David Wright's memory.  Something like that can haunt a player.  If you watch him jelly-leg the curve balls, it's fair to think.

The WeatherBoyz?  I hear-by release every and all Mets starters from their weather related nooses I kept around their necks.   ALL EXCEPT, Mr. RAIN.  Yep.  He's taking the term "April Showers" to new heights.  John Maine and his Rain Act are enough to make Noah and the animals say "Oi Vey!"  Jon Neise and Big Mike Pelfrey have been doing well and Better.  Pelfrey has been nothing short of great so far.  Niese has been a hard luck starter been has been very very effective.  Johan is always the battler and needs little words on my part.
Snow, Sleet and YES HAIL TOO!!  You are hereby released from your cumulonimbus bearing duties.  Oliver Perez's efforts, like Niese's could reflect better in the win/loss totals.  But his 3.50 (rounded) era is OK with me and it's good enough to warrant some respect.

There!....A post about my Mets with almost a complete lack of negativity.  See?  It's possible.
But now the truth...I have not wavered from the way I feel about the changes I want from this organization.  I still, as I always will, stand by my criticisms of this organization.

After taking the series from the Cubs, and finishing off the Braves yesterday, tonight's opening game of the Dodgers series was rained out.  Tomorrow will be a truely classic Twi-Night DoubleHeader at Citi Field.
There will be no day/night nonsense.  Tomorrow is strictly two for the price of one starting at 4:30pm.  Good Job Mr.Wilpon!!  Good job indeed.

This concludes my METroSpections for the home stand thus far.

BTB  a/o April 26

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