Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Raise em High Boyz!! hey Hey HEY!!!

Raise em High Boyz!  Raise em high indeed!

After a stinker in Buffalo that got Henrik pulled from his post, the NY Rangers needed points tonight.  They walk away with two tonight in the standings.  Within the first minute of the opening period, the Rangers started accumulating goals to secure those two points.  A goal, a second and a third!! - ...saved all the Ranger Fan's fingernails, those in attendance and at home and in bars, from becoming tonight's snack of choice.  So, thanks to the BlueShirts a lot of awkward explaining about half eaten digits on your hands to your boss, spouse or mom has been avoided.

The Rangers took a 3-0 lead into the first intermission and everyone was feeling a little better about our situation.  But I stress only a little better.  There's still Broad Street Bullies to deal with.  Let's cross that exit on the turnpike when we get to it.  Tonight, let's just enjoy a 5-1 final over the Toronto Maple Leafs.  The result was never really in doubt.  We had some improbable goals, but tonight they were the residue of hustle and purpose.  So g'head and raise those sticks high to the crowd tonight.

Tonight let's take a little breather and take stock of ourselves.  Without Avery and Callahan we've managed to post a 6-1-1 record in our last 8 games.  One of the bigger positives for me is the fact we're getting goals from skaters who aren't named Gaborik.  Christensen had a pair tonight.  Prust has tapped into an inner Brett Hull lately.  So things are possible when you execute a system and believe in the concept your coach is trying to hammer home.  These players know a coach like Torts was born for the short run.  Over a season he can really wear on ya.  But in a short tourney like the NHL Playoffs, Torts is kinda crazy, and crazy got him a Cup; like Crazy got Crazy Keenan a Crazy Cup once.  It's crazy to think this NYR team can win a Cup.  But maybe crazy is just what this team needs on their minds to get through Philly and into the Playoffs. 

I'll tell you what I'm not too crazy about though; No Avery.

By the way, Shelley vs. Orr - is a little hard to tackle.  We're still trying to figure out why Orr isn't in a Ranger's jersey today.  That's crazy.  Blair Betts; that's crazy.  Somehow, here we are on the verge of hoisting another feather in Glen Sather's cap IF we get through Philly and into the tourney.  And I'm not doing cartwheels because.........?  Rooting against your team making the playoffs to get your GM fired isn't really that crazy.  Crazy is buying into this tease.

I keep on saying I'm not going to buy into the tease.  Tonight I'm telling everyone it's all about the points.
Boyz, Your next playoff game is Friday night at the Garden.  Yea, I know!

Let's Go Rangers!!!

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