Monday, April 05, 2010

Opening Day at "NEW" Citi, Pray for Rain now?

METS Opening Day  Part I

Johan pitched, Wright homered, Francisco Rodriguez closed it out.
That's a winning formula.  It worked for us today.
Mets 7  Marlins 1  Final
After day one in METropolis, all seems well.

METS Opening Day  Part II

This year there is a very different feel to Citi. I gotta tell ya, I was disappointed last year with our monument to the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Wilpons heard our displeasure and changed things up a bit. Our HOF is back and there's more Met-centric eye candy to gaze upon. It's a huge step in the right direction, but please Mr. Wilpon, don't stop now.

Everything I saw on TV today looks good to me. I can't wait for my first game out there. The response the Met HOF was getting was overwhelmingly positive. And from what I caught on the tube, it looks great.

Last year's christening of Citi Field left something to be desired. They lost and the place really didn't feel like home. It was a nice place but I could have been anywhere. When I get there this year, I GOTTA BELIEVE things will feel a lot different.

There's nothing we can do about the Ebbets Field resemblance. The important thing is that this place pumps with the heart of a Mets' fan. Cool Met decorations help.

I believe. I'll always believe. We all GOTTA BELIEVE!! Happy Opening Day everyone. Happy Opening Day...NEW Citi Field;  Home of the Mets.
METS Opening Day  Part III
John Maine.  This is a pitcher with something to prove coming off two injury riddled seasons. Is he the pitcher of 2006 or the pitcher we've been getting the last two seasons? He's starting Met game 2. This is the same person who said during a spring training relief outing that, "I just wasn't into it"- and some other things your fan base just doesn't want to hear from someone who's trying their collective patience.

This is NYC and this much is certain whether you like it or not and whether you agree with it or not; if John Maine does not put forth a decent to quality start, the ever circling Boo-Birds will rain down on Flushing Field. You know it, I know it, we all know it. John Maine's Met Game 2 start can go a long way towards shaping the fan's perception of him right out of the box. A good start will buy him a month of good will. And it's hard to pitch when you have 40,000 angry people anticipating your failure. Isn't it?

Of course I know I'm talking about the second game of the season. You can't win pennants in April but you sure as hell can loose them in April. But that's not what this is all about. This is about John Maine and karma and perceptions.

There are a handful of games every season that demand you seize the moment. If for nothing else, it's like grabbing destiny by the throat. John Maine can seize the moment by coming out of the box strong. He should be ready by now right? He's been battling for two injured years leading up this this start. So what it's only game two of the season. It's a game that needs John to seize the moment. for the sake of anxious Mets fans who no doubt are ready to BOOO, but more for John Maine's sake, because we like him. We want him to do well.

Concerning yourself with the standings after game two of any season is an exercise in boredom. This is about perception and fan attitude after John's upcoming start on Wednesday. He can have a good April by getting us off his back now.

What's it gonna be? John Maine or Pray for Rain?


*pic - Drew/AP

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