Friday, April 16, 2010

On Bobby Valentine

(on Bobby V)

We Know Bobby Valentine is:

*a good/brilliant manager who can lead this team. He gets the most out of players. He knows the game. He'll take loads of pressure off the players getting the media centered on him. We know his ego, tact and attitude (smugness) are tailor made for the NY media. We know his presence and changes in mood management will keep fans streaming into Citi seats until the Club gets it's act together.

*We also know when he was here last, he and Steve Phillips couldn't stand each other. Phillips was trying to save his power and Bobby wanted more of it with say in personnel matters. The Wilpons had to pick sides and they showed Bobby the door right around the same time his players were tuning him out anyway. It doesn't help today that Bobby Valentine was openly critical of the Wilpons then. Bobby wanted to know, - what about Steve? Well, he got shown the door shortly afterward also.

Question Number 1 = Does Fred Wilpon still hold a grudge? We learned from Dwight Gooden, Fred Wilpon can hold them a long time.

Question Number 2 = are we bringing Bobby Valentine in to be just a manager? Just a manager under Minaya? Under Ricco?

Question Number 3 = I ordinarily don't like to take these "steps" backward. Bobby V may be as cunning as Billy Martin was, but we aren't the Yanks and I believe in a forward marching system.

Are Met fans OK taking a page from the past to fix the present? Does this help the future of the organization beyond this season if Omar is allowed to stay on?

Here are my answers.

The Wilpons better be open minded to outside influences for any kind of success in Flushing.

No John Ricco, especially with Booby V under him. Bobby V will sense fear in him and eat him up.

If you bring in Bobby Valentine to manage I want Jerry Hunsicker as GM. Bobby Valentine is not to manage under Omar at any expense because Omar is a Steve Phillips guy. Omar and Valentine will clash and Valentine will verbalize it better than Omar can and things will get uglier from there. Omar may make the switch but then the Wilpons must make their move and accept Bobby V's stewardship and advice and either promote him to GM or bring in Hunsicker.

THIS IS ONLY A BACK UP PLAN for the Mets going out and seeking permission from the Marlins about offering Larry Beinfest the keys to METropolis.

New York Metropolitan BB Club - Go get Larry Beinfest at all costs! Loria could use the money. Bribe him. He'll do it! Get Larry Beinfest Now!


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