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Most Met Fans Clamouring for Bobby Valentine

The following is actually a comment I made to a post by a great author in the BloggerHood on
The Prince of New York's Baseball Blog (on Blogspot).

He makes a cogent case for the immediate hiring of Bobby Valentine as manager for the New York Mets.  Visit and show him love .  You'll be rewarded with a great read.

I am not averse to bringing Bobby Valentine back to METropolis and the reasons Paul touched upon pretty much explain why it looks to be the right move.  Being that my comment below covers everything I wanted to get out in a post concerning the on-going Mess in Flushing, Omar, Bobby V and the Front Office anyway, I figured I'd just present things to you in it's original answer form.

as of: April 17
theBrooklynTrolleyBlogger said...

I'm not opposed to Bobby V. Here's the rub.  Does Omar get to hire him and stay on as GM?  I'd disagree with that.*  Bobby V and Omar will not get along.  They may have Texas in common but Omar is still a Phillips guy imported into the Met fold.*  Their Met experiences are quite different.  Bobby's personality will cause friction with Omar because he will want personnel input again, and because Valentine can verbalize much better than Omar can, I see nothing good coming from that relationship.  I believe it can only get ugly.  John Ricco?  Bobby will eat him up too.  At least Steve Phillips played in the minors.  Ricco is a corporate guy and Bobby will have little respect for that.  If we continue down this road Omar will hire Valentine and Omar still has to be fired.  Bringing in Valentine only works if you bring in Hunsicker from T.B. to be GM in the same whacking of Manuel and Omar together.  Hunsicker is the other half of the Valentine equation.  They have a better working understanding of each other from their earlier Met experiences than Omar and Valentine will ever have.   Then both of them can put Wilpon and his paranoia to bed and get this organization back to health.   If Valentine is hired and we fire Omar and Hunsicker doesn't come here to be GM?...promote Valentine to GM and find another manager.

ALL this is if the Mets do not ask permission to talk to Larry Beinfest.  You have to think if the next GM doesn't like Valentine...the Wilpons will not eat another contract for a manager they aren't employing.  And I'm thinking what if Larry Beinfest doesn't like Bobby Valentine?  We won't know until the Wilpons get it together and ask Jeff Loria for permission to speak with Beinfest and Mr. Wilpon compensates Mr. Loria handsomely.  WAIT; Obviously not too long, but wait.  See if Beinfest and Hunsicker are available.  Then if you want to, whack Manuel.  Acting hastily with Manuel just for the sake of hiring Valentine now, without certainty of the GM may be counter-productive.  I know Valentine won't be out there forever, but that's why the Mets need to ACT quickly and see if these options are available.  Again, I have mad respect for your word, but we can't act on Manuel without lining up Omar's replacement at the same time unless you can see V as our GM or, the Wilpons plan on forcing Bobby V on the new GM.*


post script ~ Bobby Valentine has a great managerial mind.  But a fish rots from the head and the upper management of the NYM has my attention a little more that the field manager right now in spite of  my not wanting Manuel to continue here much longer.  We don't have much time because the players are starting to behave in open defiance of their manager.  It's not a full-blown situation but it's getting chippy.  We could use Bobby Valentine and we could use him now.  But we also need to get this right and factor in a/the GM into this mess we call the Mets.

* sentence slightly modified from original comment for diction.

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