Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mets Soaked by RAIN in Colorado

(subliminal song of the day follows):

..Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiigh....Colorado   and Rain!
..Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiiigh....Colorado   and Rain!

Dear Colorado Head Grounds Keeper, on behalf of the NYM, I apologize for the large puddle of mud that used to be your mound.  I hope you can restore it in time for tomorrow's game.

I oft wondered if fish really care if it's Raining outside or not.  Wouldn't that be the equivalent of making a sunny day sunnier for us?  What do they think about Rain?  Do they say, "Hey it's raining out, don't swim so fast today...Be careful."  OR  "Hey it's really raining out there, better put on some SPF-40!"

I've noticed in different parts of the country it Rains differently.  In South Florida, there are the obligatory random thunderstorms of the day.  They say it never Rains in California but if you watch CNN you know that aint true.  Here in the North East we usually get those blanketing steady downpours.

Native American Indians used to perform ritual dance to make it Rain.  PacMan Jones had his own methods of making it Rain too.  Yea-eeaya!  The Addams Family had a cloud constantly hovering and Raining down on their house.  And that reminds me this Gov't is engaged in Cloud-Seeding to induce Rain.  Or so I think.  DUNn Dunn dunn!!!  Hoo Hoo hah hah hah hah hah!

Rain.  If you tune into the Weather Channel tonight and see something that looks like this on the screen:
3 innings pitched.
8 runs, 8 earned
7 hits
3 walks
4 strikeouts
1 HR
Rockies bat around in the third inning.
12.38 era in two starts
0-2 record.

It just means there's a lot of RAIN headed your way.  Ya might want to pack an umbrella.

There is a 25 mph wind blowing out tonight but only when the Rockies are at bat, otherwise Rain Rain Rain.  While it continues to pour in the Met dugout and on the Colorado mound, the Rockies are cruising with an 8-1 lead in the 7th.

See people?  I know this team and how it works.  I know my baseball.  I may be snarky in how I describe things, but I will not be denied.  Panic?  No!  I'm a pragmatist.  I call it as I see it.  Tonight Luis Castillo was thrown out at 2nd base trying to stretch a single into a double in the top of the 6th with one out.  When you're down 8-0 at the time, you just don't do that.  But he did and was promptly gunned down.  On the very next pitch and first to David Wright in his at-bat, he pulled a first pitch fastball to left for a HR.  In the top of the 7th, with one out, and Fernando Tatis at second, Tatis did not tag up and advance to third on a fly to left center that was mid-warning track!  Tatis wasn't even on the bag.  He did some Cha-Cha step off second as if he was willing the left fielder to drop the fly ball.  Ponderous!  Matthews stranded him anyway by striking out.  Matthews?  What are Matthews and Tatis doing on this team?  Matthews does not figure into any future plans.  Tatis the Perp was stealing playing time and money tonight at 1st base.   WHY are they on this team when we don't need them, and their replacements had fantastic springs and have not slowed down one bit since the AAA season kicked off?  Fernando Martinez and Ike Davis must be called up to the club and this nonsense of Matthews and Tatis must stop.  In the bottom of the 7th Angel Pagan and Jason Bay didn't communicate on an easy fly ball and it dropped in between them allowing another run to score making it an 11-2 game.

Panic Indeed!!! 

You can continue to question me, or just stop being contrarians and take my word for it.
Some people just need to find out for themselves.  I don't begrudge that.  But if you needed the proof for any blanket statements I may have made....there ya go!  I submit to you today's example of just one day in the season with our supposed #2 guy and the feeble play that seems to possess players when they don a Mets uniform these days.

Karma.  Someone in this organization upset the Great JOBU and we're paying the price for that mis-step.

Everyone keeps pointing to the talent on this team and how it can change on the drop of a dime for us.  Don't you know I get that?  I get it.  Why do you think I'm so discombobulated by the performance of this team over the last 3 years?  They are the ultimate under-achievers.  That's the rub!!  We have as many stars around here as a Dean Martin Roast, and to watch them fail with such lugubriousness gives me pins and needles all over my body.

Let's assume SLEET earns a name tomorrow and the Mets win.  The rubber game of this series will fall on Mike Pelfrey.  That's not a bad spot to be in from my perspective.  I welcome that.  And I say that to also show I can be fair.  If we can take 2 of three the way our pitching lines up for the next two games, I'll feel a lot better about HAIL opening the series against the Cardinals in St. Louis.  Should HAIL fail, again, I have Johan next to salvage a game for us before RAIN blows in again.  I can therefore end this road trip .500 going 3-3 and be very satisfied.  That's the optimistic slice of pie for ya.

You know what happens when you get old?  You understand Rain doesn't make the grass grow.  Blood makes the grass grow.  You'd have to take out your history books and deal in reality to get the meaning of that statement.  Reading between the lines help.  I know that's a little dark for a baseball blog.  Every so often I burp out something politically uncivilized.  I'm Ok now.

Rain can have devastating effects.  Water erosion is no joke.  Rain eroded my patience a little more tonight.  Sleet goes tomorrow.  That poor Colorado Grounds Keeper.  Sorry dude!

The game is going into the bottom of the 8th.  Rockies 11 - Mets 3.  The Mets telecast team is resorting to taking calls from fans now.  This is all so very yawn inspiring if I may say so myself.  What else can they say without blurbing out the truth about what their eyes see and getting reprimanded for it.

RAIN on ME...Rain On Me...LOOOOVVVEEEE!!!  RAIN ON ME!!!  RAIN on Me!!

The game is now final.  Rockies 11 ~ Mets 3   Jerry Manuel's Snoozers are now 2-5.  I hope there is someone in the locker room smashing flat screens, throwing trash cans, knocking over the buffet table and screaming his head off in a rage about tonight's game, insisting this can not happen, this can not happen again, this can not happen again this early.  I don't mean the Ground's Keeper either.
I'll say it a million times if I have to.  I believe in good starts.  I believe every game matters when you loose a division by one game as this team has, surrendering division leads late in September as this team has.  You can point to any reason you want for that as long as you agree that poor play in April is as good as any reason you may have for loosing a division by a game.  You can't win pennants in April, but you can loose them.  2007 was like that.  They came on like gangbusters after Randolph got fired and were in the mix till the end.  However their April and May were lethargic.  In 2008 we lost the division by a game.  Again I can point to a .500 April if you chose to blame Tom Glavine (don't get me started on him) for offering up a stinker.  And what a stinker it was!  Having seen it all with basically this same cast, I don't want to go through that again.  Simple.

And lastly I offer you this little tid-bid.  My right fielder Jeff Francoeur, said, "It's probably good if we got out of town for a while"...referring to the current road trip.  I didn't say that folks.  My right fielder did.  Whose panicking now?

Rockie Mountain Hiiiiigh....Colorado   and Rain!
Rockie Mountain Hiiiiigh....Colorado    and Rain!


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