Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mayor Daley, Please clean after your Cubs

Not only have the WeatherBoyz been pitching better than most expected and to my surprise, in spite of untimely hitting by the bats, I finally had my first real Feel Good Moment of the year.

I can't help but feel better about my team's situation whenever I gaze into the visitors dugout this series and see the biggest collection of paycheck pirates and cheddar bandits this side of the Great Lakes disgrace a baseball uniform the way these Field of Green Jihadists do every time they kill innocent blades of grass with every depraved step they take.  This country fought a revolution over a 6% tax on tea....  

: O    

...If Cub fans had any gumption in their spineless-jelly fish existence, Chicago's North Side would be burning.  But because Steve Bartman made a better attempt at a fly ball than Alfonso Soriano will ever make, I feel so much more GOODER about my own MET tribulations.  If I lived on WaveLess Avenue I would have "friggin" German Shepherds "with Friggin lasers in their heads" chasing all you off my property.  When the world's biggest social disease clinic lets out after another day time Cub Dropping, my dogs will make you rue the day you ever thought of P'ing on my lawn.  Snausaages!!

The CUBS.  Easer of my pain.  My laxative for METstapation.

Mayor Richard Daley needs to get out here with his little baggie or pooper scooper, or his budget ledger, and clean up all the droppings his wandering four-legged flea hostels are leaving all over Citi Field.

Cubs Suck....Hey Hey!!


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