Saturday, April 10, 2010

Johan and the WeatherBoyz

Jose Reyes started at shortstop for the Mets today!  I'll get to him another time.

The Mets' Pitching Staff made it's first go 'round of the season.  All four mound loiterers paid to be a part of, and start a game for the Mets this season and Johan Santana have one game under their belt.  I guess you can call this the initial evaluation through the first five games for Johan and the WeatherBoyz, aka my Starting Rotation (some names with-held).

As we broke camp and headed north, the Mets Starting Rotation was named as follows:

1) - Johan Santana
2) - Rain  
3) - Snow
4) - Sleet  
5) - Hail

Johan Santana won his Opening Day start. 

In Game Two, Rain had his chance and did nothing to change his name.  He will continue to be referred to as Rain until his clouds start to break-up or BTB notifies you otherwise. 

Then came Game Three started by Snow.  Snow is nice.  I appreciate snow while it's falling and while it's still, quiet and white.  Then life takes over and makes slush.  I am not disappointed with Snow's performance in Game 3.  He's a rook, and he showed some good stuff.  It just got slushy at the end.  So I give Snow an E for Effort.  Snow looks like he'll earn his stripes fairly quickly if his first start is an indication.  Hang in there Rook.  You'll earn your name back soon.

In Game Four, Sleet, aka, Mike Pelfrey got his first win of the season.  He's got a real hard sinker that's always caught my attention.  He's working hard on a third pitch.  He pitched himself a good game and the BTB decided he is to be called by his rightful name.  Welcome in from the weather Mike.

Ahh.  Game Five and el Lancador (that's pitcher) Senor Hail.  I've seen worse outings from him than the one he offered up today.  We lost to the Nationals today by the way.  Remember I told you we'd do squat against them?....Just like the lead Bugs Bunny had on Cecil Turtle and still lost.  Ponderous!  I digress.
Hail?  How did we get into this situation?  Omar resigned him for $36 Million!  Ponderous!  I wouldn't recommend driving every 5th day in NYC due to threats of  HAIL coming off Flushing Bay when he's pitching.

So as for the Mets' Starting Rotation we have two hard names on the list, one push but coming on, and we still have some weather phenomena to deal with every 2nd to 5th day of the cycle.

Sometimes it Snows in April folks.  If you live in the northern parts of this country, you know what I'm talkin about.  The weather is always wacky in April.  That's fair enough.  I guess my mistake was the day I forgot to read the paper to learn the Mets signed El Nino to pitch for us.  Omar, why don't you sign Global Warming and Al Gore to round out the top four?  Why Omar Minaya chose to use my starting rotation to play X-Files? -  I'll never know.

Johan is on the mound for us again tomorrow and then we're off to Colorado where I'm sure the weather is tropical compared to all the wintry slush we've been pitching up at Citi Field.

Mike, BTB

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