Thursday, April 08, 2010

Game Two's Booo-Hooo

John Mane didn't have the start I think he needed to have yesterday.  I thought it was just one of those seize the moment games.  That's all.  However, he did make April a little more susceptible to speculation by all the living room pitching coaches out there.  The Boo-Birds are circling , that's all.  I'm not crying anything after game two of the season.  But the N.L. is going to make Maine cry every time they crush his 88 mph fastball.  I'm just saying.

The Mets waived pitcher, and Brooklynite, Nelson Figueroa and the Phillies claimed him.  I know there are a lot of Nelson Figueroas out there.  But he had more than a buncha gutsy outings for us.  We couldn't find a place in the bullpen for him?  Anyway, the Mets exhausted their options with him and this is the result.  We didn't loose Nolan Ryan again but if Nelson wins 10 games for the Phils this season, six will be against the Mets.

The Mets scored all their runs last night without the aid of a hit.  You can look it up.  A fundamentally flawed team from 2009 peeked out from behind the curtain last night.  I hope there's not a monster in the closet.  Not again.

By taking the series from the Marlins with a win in game three of the Opening series, the Mets can pull the minute hand back a little further away from midnight.  To read the local papers today was like reading Orange Apocalyptic Scrolls.  That's NY media for ya.  Me?  Just take two of three, OK?  Jon Niese, the Rook goes for us tonight.  He's coming off injury that ended his season in 2009 also.  And don't worry, for Niese and the Mets, the sun will still rise tomorrow.  It's way too early for anything else.  But just in case you were wondering what I was really thinking.... - Jon Niese is my #3 starter?
Jon Niese is my #3.  NiEsE iS mY ThrEe?  Jon Is tHird In MY roTatioN?....Ponderous!  You have to split up Maine and Oliver Perez.  You can't have those two going back to back.  But Jon Niese is my #3.  Ponderous!

It's almost game time.  Play Ball.  Good Luck tonight everyone. 
Bye Nelson, your hometown still cheers it's own.


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