Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flyers Give DEVIL's Their Due: NHL Playoffs

NJ was be-Deviled by a Flyer team that was never able to play at full strength this series. This Flyer team came strong since the first drop of the puck in game one and pushed the Devs around. The Devils were completely man-handled and dismantled this series.

I've been watching the Bruins/Sabres series and the winner of that series will fall in the next round. Boucher is hot enough to get Phila into the semi's. PITT and/or WASH will skate cirlcles around Phila though.

The Devils are eliminated from the playoffs for the fifth consecutive year with having only played a couple of token games before April expires.  The Eastern Conf. Number Two Seed is done in 2010.

A very inconsistent Flyers team for most of this season was predicted to win the Eastern Conference this year.  Tonight and through-out this series, they played up to that expectation.

I still say if these modern day Broad Street Bullies can't intimidate, hit and jar Sid the Kid or Alex the Great, they won't get by either one.

Devils?  Marty?  Too Old?  He's going to be 38 yrs old.  Too many games?  Maybe...but then that's always been the complaint.  He played well this series.  Devils needed to score way more.

Devils?  WTF happened to the defense?  No Daneyko?  No Stevens?  No Cup!  The Trap was ineffective because the Devils were just pushed out of the way.

They were punchless and floundering for goals this season.  They went out and got Ilya K...But he did not "point" the Devils through a series win.

I didn't see any of the NJD neutral zone dominance, and thus , no turn-overs to capitalize on.  The Devils were exposed.  The Flyers didn't beat themselves.  The Devils couldn't score and the Flyers stayed disciplined.  That is be-Deviling!

Coach Jacque may not even survive this.  Big Lou has some needs that need to be addressed post haste.

If this post seemed all over the place straying from thought to thought like NJ's play?
....the Devils made me do it.


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