Monday, March 08, 2010

State of the TROLLEY Address under construction. 

I don't know how long it's going to take me.  That all depends on my learning curve.  I'm going solo.  But I'm committed to it.  I do not plan on moving out of the MLB BloggerHood.  I like it here!  I will continue this blog with joy.

I also have my

I will also maintain this blog just the same and just incorporate them into the website.
There are two other blogs I started on Blogspot but they were primarily meant to be guinea pigs while I learned how to do new things and see how they worked, and also to see where I went wrong.  I'll be deleting those in the coming weeks and consolidating everything into Breukelen Station.  Over the last two weeks I've been spending a little more time here while Met Camp is quiet with no real new developments.

My Blogspot page has ALL the content of my MLBlog, but this is where I really get Brooklyn centric and relax things up a bit.  In a little bit of shameless cross self-promotion I offer you three posts from my Blogspot.

This post was triggered by a recent e-mail I received by a person/group who oppose the Atlantic Yards Project and the uses/abuses of eminent domain.  This is all about the NBA NETS moving to Brooklyn.  They thought I might be interested in what they had to say.  Boy did they think wrong.  I kinda put "her" on blast.  I probably shouldn't have been so rough on her but what's done is done.  I meant everything I said though.  But I didn't have to be such a *%$# about it.

This post is fifteen minutes of some guy's life he'll never remember.  But if he should ever want to know what happened to him that one mid-morning winter day, I have the whole thing documented!  When I saw this cat trippin, stumblin & fumblin down the block, my Spidey Sense said pull over for a couple of minutes and watch.  Our inebriated friend didn't disappoint.  This guy wasn't a homeless person I was getting a good laugh out of so I didn't feel bad.  This guy looked like he just partied way too much @ 11:30am!

This last post is about the continuing construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park.  The old obsolete shipping and long-shore-men's paradise is being transformed into a public park along several miles of Brooklyn's waterfront.  If you want to watch a quick 2min clip about an early 19th century building getting torn down as part of the demolition/construction, check out the post and click the vid.

Thank you everyone for all your kindness. 

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