Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Month Fifteen of 2009 Season

Opening Day Optimism..?

Jose Reyes will not play Opening Day.
Carlos Beltran will not play Opening Day.
Today I learned Daniel Murphy sprained his ankle and is out 2 to 6 weeks.
That's a hell of a spread.
He will not play Opening Day.

My starting pitchers are starting to give me heartburn.  Jon Niese was named the number three starter, which in April doesn't really mean much.  But what does that say about Ollie and Maine?  I could say some things off the top of my head.

An anonymous player expressed some displeasure with the club because he thought Jose Reyes was being babied.  An anonymous player huh?  Hmm.  Really.

Ownership tried addressing the lack of Mets' history at Citi Field.  In the front of you enter the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, the Fan bricks are incorporated into the ground work/pavement (Yes, I have one).
It is here where the Mets attempted to place markers of Mets history this year.  One of the displays is of the 1986 WS game 7.  The piece credits Sid Fernandez with the win. 

Folks, Roger McDowell was credited with the win in Game 7. 
How do you get this wrong?  How?
How do you not know your own team's history?  Why do the Wilpons consistently get this wrong?  Why does Met History make Met ownership break out in a rash? 
You can not mess this up!!
That's like putting number 22 on Babe Ruth's monument!
What ails these people?!

Opening Day Optimism?
Yea...maybe I can get Jerry Manuel to tell me a joke.
Welcome to day 455 of the year 2009 Met fans.


I'm back everyone.  My schedule has been hell lately.  Plan on making the rounds and see what you good people have bee up to.  The next Trolley Ride is all set!  We ride this weekend.

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