Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SchoolYard HotStove Party Part 2 A.L. Teams

If ya wanna know why we are all gathered here in the school yard in the middle of February roasting hot dogs over a fire in an old oil drum talking about other fan's teams and drinkin a little Brandy to keep the toes missed my last post.  Shame on you!!  Grab a stick, poke a hot dog on the end of it and hold it over the fire.  While you do that you have to pick a team or teams that you yourself are not a fan of, and say three good things about them.  Before everything gets crazy when the season starts and we start to get narrowly focused on our clubs, I wanted everyone to come together and celebrate our great game of baseball together before those lines in the sand are drawn at the Umps behest of "PLAY BALL".  Follow my lead and don't forget to bring something to the party.  I got the fire going and winter dogs for everyone.  CRZ BLUE Emma brought some red pepper hummus and fresh oven pita bread AND some cider to go with or without the Brandy.  Get the idea?  A.L. or N.L.  It's all good.  I call it my first annual:

" Freezing February School Yard Hot Dogs, Brandy and Baseball Oil Drum BonFire for the Fans "

The Highlanders and Baltimore Orioles before that.
Greatest moment of my baseball life,
1976 ALCS Chris Chambliss HR game.  SICK!!
Thurman Munson & Billy Martin
The Core Four and Bernie
Good Bye ol Stadium, this Met fan will miss you.

Dave Stieb, George Bell and Exhibition Stadium
I know all the words to the Canadian National Anthem
Joe Carter's all-time WS moment.

I have to go at least two times a year, I love going to games there
 and hanging out in the harbor.  Rusty Scupper rocks!!
I always pitstop in Aberdeen to catch a New York Penn League game too.
EDDIE MURRAY!!! and that guy who used to cheerlead on top of the dugout at old Memorial Stadium.

My 2nd favorite team.  I love the city of Boston! Another 2x a year thing.
YAZ!!!  Luis Tiant, Fred Lynn, Fisk, Dewey
Words can not express how much I love Fenway Park
That guy hawking steak sandwiches over by Gate D is going to be left in my Will...those sandwiches are friggin unbelievable!!

Their owner is from Brooklyn
They come to the Bronx and give the Yankees fits all the time.
I really hope they get their stadium deal worked out because it looks like a really nice lookin design.
Chalk one up for the small market teams!

I met Kenny Williams in front or Oriole Park one game.  What a class guy!!  Without getting into the story..he just chilled with my family and me for a solid 10 minutes.  He seemed in no rush to go inside.
You may not like Ozzie Guillen but he's good for baseball!
I have no reason at all to think Big Hurt isn't one of the "good guys" on the 500 list!

CLEVELAND INDIANS on this year's wish list for a road trip.
Bob Feller is one of my most favorite pitchers of All-Time!!
I would have honestly liked to have seen one of those mid-90s teams win a WS.
Do you remember Steve Olin?  I do.  He closes out games for Team Eternity these days.

Some of my fondest memories of baseball were of the K.C. vs N.Y.Y rivalry in the late 70s.
AstroTurf days or not...that park was always nice with the fountains.
Dan Quisenberry, Amos Otis, Frank White
I was watching the Yankee game on TV when George Brett freaked out over the HR/OUT.

No one gives them enough speak to the fact they are the Washington Senators continued.  I see them as one of the old school franchises with the rich long history; a century plus years old franchise and
not another 60s run-away rebel.
  So in that case ..take this  BIG TRAIN !!!
As a young NY Mets prospect back in '82-'84, I couldn't stand Ron Gardenhire!!  Hated him almost.
He's one of the best managers in baseball today..Period!!  I hope that makes up for it Ron?
!! > Tony Oliva < !!

Trammel and Whitaker.  Jack Morris should be in HOF.
I miss Tiger Stadium!
Willie Horton on the streets of Detroit in his uniform trying to get people to stand down from their angers.
One of the most classic uniforms in all of baseball

Buddy Bell.  Went to old Arlington Stadium in 1987.
...and waking up one morning to see the front and back page of all the papers about
Nolan Ryan's 7th career no-hitter!!

all those "Swingin' A's" of the 70's!!! 
 All that talent was sprinkled around the league in the late 70s and most of the teams they wound up on became winners themselves.  Those A's could have won two more.  You can look it up!
BILLYBALL featuring Rickey Henderson.
I think Reggie Jackson's #9 Oakland jersey is in my top 3 all-time!

My personal favorite trio was the Edmonds-J.T. Snow-Salmon edition.
Gene Autry, late great owner!
Just in case anyone is wondering, they are going to turn 50 years old next year!  Yep.

The 1995 playoff vs the NY Yankees was one of the best playoff series Ever!
Edgar Martinez has a lifetime pass on the Trolley.
When baseball expanded in 1977 with this team and Toronto, I accepted this team quicker.  I thought Mariners was a cool name and "Neptune's" M was a cool logo. 
Alvin Davis and Ken Griffey Jr.

See the last post for the National League.  Grab a team or teams and triple up on the warmth we all have for baseball.  Before we all start to go out our friggin minds that is.  Don't forget to bring goodies to share.

Enjoy the fire everybody.

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