Thursday, February 11, 2010

Following Up Yesterday's SnowStorm

This is just a quick follow-up post to yesterday's storm.  When I drove by McCarren Park this morning and looked across the field I knew I had to take a few minutes for a couple of pictures.

What made me slam on the breaks was one of the coolest thing ever.  I can't say who or how many, but someone(people) left behind a little mini SNOW HENGE.  The snow monoliths were about 4 feet high!.  You'll never know because when I got home and started going through the pictures for tonight's post, when I got to that one all I see is different color boxes.  Yea Thats Right.   Pixels on PCP.  GREAT!!!  Don't ask me because at one point today I looked at it...named it...and even showed it to a friend.  I took a more direct route home today so I don't know if it will still be there tomorrow.  Such as life.

This cat/sphinx wasn't too far away.  The eyes are two quarters.

This snowman is at least 7 or 8 feet high!  I didn't feel like going out to the middle of the field to get a closer pic.  But trust me this thing was big.

click the pic and blow it up...that's the Empire St. Bldg. in the backround.

That's it.  I'm moving on to my next post.  I just thought you'd like the sphinx/cat.

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