Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Brooklyn gets a SNOW DAY

Mother Nature gave NYC a rude reminder today Opening Day is still a little bit away.  As I sit presently beginning this post at 6:30pm, it's still snowing pretty good and steady since about 11pm last night.  I just finished another round of shovelling snow.  I'll make one more pass before I call it a night.  I like my four seasons.  So I'm not complaining one bit but shovelling is a real drag and pain in the back.  But when snow is falling and makes everything all white and kinda quiet...., That's Cool!

It turned out to be quite an interesting day.  Brooklyn was in slow down mode today and the daily hustle and bustle that one could expect here was told to stand down last night due to the impending storm.  That means there were lots of kids home from school and grown ups playing hooky too.

Things aren't looking too promising over at Roberto Clemente Little League Park yet.  But come summer, this park will be host to the game we all love.  Memories of a lifetime are created in parks like this everywhere.  Right?

Back in my neighborhood...

...the snow didn't seem to scare these guys off.  What better weather for street football than a snowy day!

So many of our games are played out on the streets here in Brooklyn.  If you're one of the players, the first person to spot a car yells "CAR"!  Most of the time someone's girlfriend etc..plays spotter.  As is known practice particularly if you're a local like me, when we're driving in the neighborhoods, away from the more commercial areas, just expect kids playing in the street.  Around any corner could be a stickball game in session.  We all do it.  That's just life here.  So as drivers we're kinda on the look out for it.

Here's Allen and his SnowMan making Crew!  I did it again.  Yes I did!  When I was driving by and noticed the size of the snowball they made, I had to pull over.  I asked them if they'd like to be mentioned on my blog.  Allen, perhaps being forced into having fun this snow day because the schools were closed, had one condition.  He was more than happy to share his snow day with us as long as I helped him get that big snow ball halfway down the block.  I was more than happy to help him and the kids!  It was heavy.  I assure you!  This was to be the base for what was going to be a pretty big snowman.  But before we got going, these two young ladies showed up.  They were Journalism Majors out doing their thing on SnowDay.  I had a good laugh with them claiming I was there first!! I get first dibs on the snow ball scoop!  But I was only fooling around and let them get their peice in before me and Allen literally got rolling.

As I said, Allen and me just met.  He was out there with the kids having fun.
I want to thank him, his son, and the rest of the SnowCrew for sharing with us.  He and I chatted about a few things.  I'll just share the part that he lives in Brooklyn for 10 years now.  We also had Austin, Texas, in common having both spent time there.  Allen,  I was very happy to help you move your spherical snow creation.  To you and your snow molding crew, I wish you well!

I stayed off the expressway today deciding to take my time home and see where I could get some more good pictures of today's snow effect.  Here are the results of my meandering home this afternoon.  I'll start you off with some trees.

Here's what else I stopped to snap on the way home:

NYC (municipality) usually takes these snow storms in stride.  It's really no big deal.  They don't really hinder us.  They just make it messier.  For some reason the city went into panic mode yesterday and a lot of people took their lead.  Today things were very noticeably calmer in Brooklyn.  I guess in a classic sense,  we actually had a SNOW DAY today.  They don't happen too often around here.  We are pretty stoic in the face of snow storms., like the rest of NY/New England I guess.

I hope you enjoyed Brooklyn's Snow Day.  I did.
Mother Nature made today's post a no-brainer. 
Thanks again goes out to Allen and his little band of snow sculpters.

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  1. Mike, you sure had it big time with the snow flurries. I had my moments in the snow too. What a day it was today!


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