Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Black History Month & My New Friend

I did it again.  The Trolley was passing by and I saw a gentleman wearing a great jacket adorned with many Negro League Team Logos.  I pulled over to him and asked if he wanted to be part of a post for this blog in honor of Black History Month.  After we talked he seemed very happy to do it.

Neighbors of the BloggerHood, meet Carlos Pascal, my new friend.  He was more than willing to share his name and picture with us.  I took extensive pics of the logos.  We also talked about the potential move of the NBA New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn.  There's a lot of activity over at Atlantic Yards now, sight of the new complex which includes the arena.

Paraphrasing, these were some of his thoughts about the Nets in Brooklyn:
"I'd would be good for the city having another team.  It creates revenue for the city and jobs for the people.  Having Jay-Z as part owner helps too.  He's from around here and it's a message that you too can get things going for yourself.  You don't need a three-piece suit to do what you're doing.  Jeans and t-shirt work fine."

I hope to gather more of these opinions about the Nets probable move to Brooklyn.  They are still a single digit winning team this year and I want a message sent loud and clear to Mr.Ratner we won't tolerate a looser just so he can get his ever growing Downtown Empire and new project off the drawing board. The team has been his hook the whole time. I just want a committed owner who'll take the basketball operations seriously.

Enough with that for now.  Lets celebrate Black Hstory Month today with Carlos Pascal as he allows us to enjoy the team logos up-close.  Thanks Carlos!  Stay in touch.

Thanks again for the pics Carlos!

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