Thursday, February 11, 2010

Black History Month, a Mural

...Continuing to observe Black History Month in February,  This one comes straight from the people,
Brooklyn Style....on a wall mural.

These three persons are easy.  Or are they?
If you don't know why any or all of them are important, ask youself - why.?
If you find yourself not willing to donate a couple of minutes of your day to find out why some people, such as these are important, ask yourself - why.?
If you find yourself not caring to spent the effort, or are just plain apathetic about it, ask yourself -  why.?
If you think maybe spending five minutes reading up on, say, Angela Davis is worth a search, I still beg of you, ask yourself - why.?
 If we all take care of our own little details, great things can happen on a grand scale.  But it starts with what you feel inside.

A Presentation from the Neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant:

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