Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yea, another McGwire post, Just Wondering. Sandy Alderson

Sandy Alderson was on MLB Channel the day after the Mark McGwire confession broke.   He like LaRussia share a similar thought.  They did not suspect McGwire of usage, unlike openly suggesting one or two others on that A's team did.  The former GM of the A's said on MLB Channel, he "suspected one or two others, but not McGwire" -

LaRussa has a similar train of thought.

Why do you suppose they are so willing to throw 'others' under the bus, and seem so willing to support Mark?  Hmmm?   I have lotsa ideas on that.  But I was just wondering.

The NY Daily News on March 13, 2005 had an expose' about McGwire's alleged usage of PED's.

...finally, I think I'm done getting on McGwire.  Time to get on with things.  I know I said that before.

Alderson picture:
Newspaper clips from NY Daily News, NY Newsday, NY Post

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