Friday, January 22, 2010

Yankee Fans!! I'm happy to report a "Freddie Sez" Sighting!

Attention All Yankee Fans:

I'm happy to report to you a Happy and Healthy "FREDDIE SEZ" is still going strong as evidenced by this picture at the New York Jets Football Rally in Times Square yesterday.

For those of you who don't know FREDDIE SEZ - He's been a Yankee Stadium fixture for well over 65 years now as a fan.  Over the last 20-plus years he's been at every game patroling the Stadium with his always fresh and catchy phrases on a homemade sign, drawn in marker usually, with a frying pan bottom attatched.  He carries a big spoon around encouraging fans with his sign, and tapping the pan with the spoon.  That's when you knew Freddie was near.  You can't really say you've truely experienced Yankee Stadium unless you've come across FREDDIE SEZ and tapped his pan.  We all know him. We all Love him.  Yes, even me the self-proclaimed Yank antagonist.  C'mon...I know what's right.  Freddie Says is alright by me!  You're still looking good FREDDIE!!  Keep tapping!

(photo NY Newsday, Friday January 22, 2010)


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