Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Leagues: Venezuela

Here's your Venezuelan Baseball information you've all been hanging on for:

Venezuelan baseball is down to the final two. 
Los Leones del Caracas will play Los Navigantes del Magallanes for the Venezuelan League Championship.

This series will be taking place at Jose Bernardo Perez Stadium in the city of Valencia.  The series starts tomorrow, January 20th.

Elsewhere....in Dominican Republic,  Jose "Clubber Lang" Offerman, now former manager of the LICEY Tigers, was banned for life by the Domincan Baseball League President Leonardo Matos Berrido for throwing punches at Umpire Jason Bradley last Saturday. Not only was he banned but he was the second manager this year suspended from LICEY this year.  Dave Jauss was suspended for two years earlier this season for stalking and hitting an umpire TOO!!!!  You make of it what you will.  I think there's something going awry in the interview process.  Ya think?  Anyway, the GM of Licey Tigers wants to appeal the ban because Offerman is still under contract for next year also.  He said they will appeal to the League President's generosity to offer him another chance, because as the Licey GM Fernando Ravelo contends, (paraphrasing) 'We understand he is young man who committed a grave error, but we believe he can be granted another chance.'  I'm sorry but maybe rum and baseball isn't a good combination after all.  C'mon?!  What the hell is going on down there?  I qualify in a sense to be a little relaxed in any latino references being half Puerto Rican myself, so......EZ on me if...you know, I say something silly or otherwise in our new and improved PC world.

Stop me now!...don't let me go political!

Getting back to Offerman, realizing he is old news already, doesn't take away from the fact that in 2007 he attacked a pitcher with a bat after being hit with a pitch in the Atlantic League.  Now this?  Isn't there some omniscient all-powerful high mystic grand Pooh-Bah Racoon Lodge baseball diety who can ban him from ever wearing another uniform, anywhere, ever again for money or otherwise?  Just sayin'......

Because of him I am punishing the D.R. League and not giving them coverage for now.  Maybe tomorrow.  Funny thing is, my MOM just called me to tell me one of my cousins who's been hopping around to some of the games in D.R. and P.R. sent me a package.  She said it's baseball stuff, shirts, caps and what-not, so I am assuming it'sfrom the playoffs down there. (jumping up and down excitedly in my chair makes it difficult to continue typing).......I'm planning to go pick that up from her this week.  Dying to see what's in there.  My family is all  pretty baseball crazed.  If you cut anyone of us open, baseballs fall out.

Venezuela is in their Finals.
Mexico is in their Finals.
Puerto Rico is in their Final Four.
Dominican Republic is in the corner taking a time-out while they cool off and get back to baseball.  No Update For Them!

consider yourself updated.


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