Friday, January 08, 2010

Chicken & Dem Bums

When I'm in my own neighborhood it really is inconvenient to roll the TROLLEY around. The pigeons stopped getting out of our way and flying off years ago. People, drivers, random acts of run-away trash cans rolling down the block, and the ever care-free AND careless 12 year old kid on his bike channeling into his inner EVIL KNIEVEL jumping ramps from parts undetectable from my motorman's compartment just make it too harrowing an experience sometimes. When I'm local, it just doesn't pay. So..? I walked. Where? The Baseball Archaeologist was hungry. I walked to a place right here in my neighborhood of BENSONHURST.

At 1687 86th Street off 17th Avenue, is one of my favorite order-out spots. I figured I could kill two chickens with one stone (please don't PETA me). Not only is this place one of the best chicken establishments in the area, they have pictures of EBBETS FIELD and old photos of Coney Island and greater Brooklyn adorning their walls too.

Coincidentally, just like at DeStefano's SteakHouse, the gentleman I conversed with at "NOT JUST CHICKEN" was also John. He was gracious enough to let me take a couple of pictures of those on their wall.

Now it's not like I went sifting through the dirt for this find. I already knew the spirit of the Brooklyn Dodgers ate here. If your imagination is good enough, there's good 'ol OISK in the corner feeding his face on some ribs and a side of HomeStyle Stuffing. Campy and Duke were looking over the Super Bowl menu and getting some ideas for the big party. Folks, some of Dem Bums lived in these neighborhoods with us. People still tell their stories. John, obviously younger than me, was none-the-less in touch with his Dodger heritage. If you know where to look, there's evidence everywhere. The Baseball Archaeologist will ride the TROLLEY high and low bringing you every find I make.

But today?...I just had to walk dude. Do you know I walked out of there without getting anything to eat? I was just happy with a new post in hand and forgot. I'm a regular customer though, I'll just order twice next week.

Here are some pictures of Ebbets Field dated 1913. "Not Just Chicken" had an extensive Coney Island display, but I'm saving that for another day....(uh, summer?) What I will share about this one particular Coney pic - the tower on the left is the Parachute Jump, the large structure on the right was STEEPLECHASE PARK. The Steeplchase site is the current location of Keyspan Park, the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones of the New York/Penn League. The Parachute Jump is a NYC Landmark today. It hasn't been operational since the 60's, but it's none-the-less iconic to us. I included a recent pic of the boardwalk and Parachute Jump for reference. You're going to have to wait a little longer before I starting hitting you with Brooklyn Cyclones Baseball talk.

Thank you again goes to, NOT JUST CHICKEN located at 1687 86th Street off 17th Avenue in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. It's really good eatin'....Fuggedaboutit!! Thanks again John.

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