Thursday, January 21, 2010

Urban Art - Snow-Ron-Heff: Follow-Up & Finished Mural from 1/20/10

Here is the finished product Seth, Ron and Heff were working on yesterday.  Honestly, I never had the impression yesterday this mural would turn out like this.  I just want to thank these three gentlmen again. You have the number, you've seen what they can do.  I'll use the caption from their mural.  Let's call this one:

"COLD CHILLIN" (portion by Ron)

This is Snow's peice


and Heff's work

...and there's the finished mural from yesterday's enounter with them.

Again, thanks to Snow/Ron/Heff for their time and for allowing me to share with all of my neighbors in the BloggerHood.

If anyone could tell me how to upload video to this thing...I'd gladly post about 2 minutes of them spraying away.

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