Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Remember "CEREAL KILLERS"..? Meet The Artists caught in the Act!

Yes, I may have caught them in the act, but they're perfectly legit.  They have an arrangement with the property owner, after having done some work for he/she previously.

Gather 'round neighbors and meet three of Brooklyn's Urban Artists!

SNOW -  doing his thing on the left.  RON -  taking care of the middle.  And HEFF - making it happen on the right.  These three talented gentlemen are responsible for "CEREAL KILLERS" that we all enjoyed so much.  I caught them as they were starting their latest creations.

They were pleasant enough to exchange a couple of words with me as they worked.  Coming out of nowhere as I do sometimes, it throws people off.  I try to eliminate that very early on.  I get right to it and get my point out.  Over here, yes greetings of the day and shows of respect are in order as is everywhere, but here, if you don't get to your point you're gonna get a 'look'...know what I mean?  Heff and I had a very polite conversation and I told him about the great response his/their work got on my blog page.  Heff expressed his appreciation folks.

So without further delay, here is another  SNOW - RON - HEFF  creation in the making.  I promise to go back within the next few days and show you the finished product.

Snow/Ron/Heff -   Thank you for your time today, and I think your work is Brooklyn Classic.  Excellent.

C'mon everyone.  Time to go and let them finish.

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